Why did women’s studies emerge in the academic community? why are | JRN 425 Journalism & Politics | Ashford University

   Women’s Studies emerged in the academic community in conjunction with the second-wave feminist movement whose goal was to bring women from different backgrounds together and to become more knowledgeable of their experiences. The academic discipline of Women’s Studies started during the 1970s and it observes women’s lives from around the world. It focuses on […]

Political science neo-classical realism, liberalism and culture

Do you believe that cultural and ideational factors could be helpful to explain U.S. interactions with the out side world?  Explain why or why not.  Regardless offer a plausible hypothesis about the effects of culture on America’s foreign policy and discuss ways to test this hypothesis empirically.

Polisci | Political Science homework help

2500 word double spaced article answering the question, “Does the concept of the Third World retain any meaningful relevance in the contemporary international economic and political system or has it been made redundant?” Please be sure to use at least 4-5 scholarly sources. 

Assad | Political Science homework help

Write 800 words at least to answer this question: Why did Assad Win? Was President Obama Correct to announce that “the time has come for President Assad to step aside” in Aug. 2011? What should the U.S. have done? See document for all instructions. Cite 4-5 sources minimum.

American inequality | Political Science homework help

  Is American democracy declining amid increasing inequality? Make sure to connect your argument with the articles we covered during the class, and your own thoughts and knowledge   Note that for this question, it is required to provide solid arguments and supporting ideas based on real examples beyond the assigned readings, as we already discussed this […]

Leadership studies | Political Science homework help

  Academic level: College Type: Essay (any type) Subject: Leadership Studies Topic: Writer’s choice Style: APA Number of pages: 3 pages/double spaced (825 words) PowerPoint slides: 0 Number of source/references: 5 Extra features: – Order instructions:   This assignment allows each participant to make a choice on the organization that is most interesting to them. Complete […]

Dissertation 10000 word | Political Science homework help

Hello there , I’m writing about ”   What are the roles of the EU in protecting the global environs and heartening member states to safeguard the environment?” I need 10000 word, see the structure  I have attached the proposal and the literature review , I attended also one outline sample  

Intelligence community displayed in media – criminal minds tv show

  Academic level: College Type: Essay (any type) Subject: Political science Topic: Intelligence Community Displayed in Media – Criminal Minds TV Show Style: MLA Number of pages: 1 pages/double spaced (275 words) PowerPoint slides: 0 Number of source/references: 1 Extra features: – Order instructions:   Identify the Intelligence Community’s role and public service mission (private corporate […]

Learning journal 2000 worlds | Political Science homework help

In CW1 Learning Journal you have to answer 2 seminar questions, each question from aseparate week and each answer for 1000 words. In this Learning Journal you have to showknowledge and understanding on the topic. Therefore, you must go through the lectures, thereadings and the seminar activities to answer the question. Students will be assessed […]

Election essay | Political Science homework help

Your assignment is to do the following: Research the candidates’ official position on women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. I would expect your response to include their stated views on access and affordability of women’s health services (incl. the ACA or “Obamacare”), abortion, birth control, contraception, and so on. Write a paragraph explaining which candidate you […]

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