Cross-curricular lesson plan | ESD-585

   An effective educator plans, presents, and assesses engaging, standards-based content to students with diverse needs. In order to deliver high quality instruction, a teacher must monitor student progress and provide feedback to guide students towards mastery of a concept. Educators must also incorporate a variety of technology to achieve student goals and to measure […]

Help with replies due in 24 hours

DreRepl.docx Drecya: Gravity is an attractive force that is often characterized as a pull. It is the force that attracts things with mass to one another. In the case of gravity acting as a pull, there is no identifiable “thing” performing the tugging in the same sense that we could imagine a hand pulling an […]

Lep | Simulated Field Experience 2

Due: Sunday 11:59 pm EST Points: 100 Overview: For this assignment, you will be creating a Learning Experience Plan (LEP) that could be used in an early childhood classroom working with infants and toddlers or preschool- kindergarten-age children. Directions: • Refer to the descriptions below to complete the provided template. • View the sample LEP […]

Clinical field experience a: language learning in content lessons | TSL 558

Assessment Description Language is woven into learning regardless of the content focus. Even subject areas like math and science require a level of proficiency in domain-specific language to demonstrate successful learning. To ensure ELLs’ overall academic success, educators must consider the development of English language, in addition to content/subject area knowledge. Arrange the clinical field […]

Human sexuality throughout history time-line powerpoint

  .  These historical-cultural influences include such events as the sexual  revolution, the control of conception, the emergence of contraception,  as well as the redefining of gender roles throughout history. Many of  these events changed the way sexuality is viewed today.  Create a Power Point Presentation which includes the following: Identify a minimum of 8 […]

Emotional bank account strategies | Education homework help

  Read the following two articles: The Emotional Bank Account: Strategies to Support Belonging in Schools The Importance of Healthy Teacher-Student Relationships Participants will express an understanding of the definitions and give examples of deposits and withdrawals based on the definition in the articles. How does our understanding of these two concepts affect our school […]

Teacher shortage | Education homework help

Citing teacher shortages, budget constraints, and plummeting academic test scores, your school district has decided to cut the arts (creative, expressive, performing, visual, etc.)  from its program. This covers subjects such as music class, chorus, band, orchestra, art, performing arts, etc. The thought process behind this decision is that this will save money, reduce the […]

Barriers brochure | Education homework help

  Step 1: Interview someone who is teaching adult learners. Find out how he/she attends to barriers to learning.  Step  2: Create an original brochure for a workshop about barriers to adult  learning. You do not have to plan the workshop. Just create a brochure  for one. In the brochure, quote/cite the person you interviewed […]

Education philosophy matrices assignment instructions | EDLC 504 – Educational Philosophy and Theories of Learning | Liberty University

PHILOSOPHY MATRICES ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThe overview of the first three modules of this course will lead you into an exploration ofvarious educational philosophies. Traditional philosophies, modern and post-modernphilosophies, as well as educational theories of transformation and transmission will all bestudied along with their corresponding personalities. This assignment will give you theopportunity to organize the essential components […]

Education assignment2 simulation | Education homework help

ASSIGNMENT2SIMULATION.docx ASSIGNMENT 2 SIMULATION This simulation is a decision-making experience designed for the conscious application of the virtues guiding your vision and actions as a leader. It is not a test – you are not being evaluated. It is not a tutorial – this is not designed to teach specific applications, but rather provide an […]

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