Answer the four question please

In chapter 3 of your textbook, you should have engaged in what we know about teaching. One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts is to apply them in a real life setting. Please read the case study below and answer the questions in this forum.


Michael is a 15-year-old native Spanish-speaking student in a 9th grade ELL (English Language Learners) class of 23 students in a suburban California public school. He has been in the United States and attending school for the past three years, having emigrated from Mexico City with his parents and two younger siblings.


While Michael speaks English well – he is skilled in the face-to face conversational fluency known as BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) – he struggles with reading and writing English. He manifests his frustration in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: routinely arriving late to class; failing to complete homework assignments; interrupting his teacher when she is explaining an upcoming assignment; refusing to participate in collaborative groups. Michael’s openly disruptive behavior is impacting other students in the class. Three Spanish-speaking students (two males and one female) have begun conversing across the classroom with Michael in Spanish.

Key Players

  • Ms. Watkins, Michael’s ELL teacher. In addition to two ELL classes, Ms. Watkins also teaches three sections of Advanced Placement English Language.
  • The other ELL students in the class, each of whom is at a different level of English-language mastery.
  • Sabrina, Michael’s 8 year old sister.
  • Victor, Michael’s 11 year old brother.

Contributing Factors

  • Michael is currently repeating all of his classes – except for Introduction to Algebra – that he failed the previous year;
  • At 15, he is older than most of the students in his ELL class;
  • Several students in Michael’s ELL class have expressed to Ms. Watkins their discomfort with Michael’s behavior;
  • Michael’s sister Sabrina is fluent in reading, writing and speaking English. Sabrina is currently placed at grade level in a 3rd grade mainstream class.
  • His brother Victor is also moving toward full fluency in English. Victor is currently at grade level in a 6th grade ELL class.
  • Michael is working part-time job after school and on Saturdays and is unable to attend remediation or support classes;
  • Michael’s parents have not attended Back-To-School night and have not responded to Ms. Watkins’ e-mails and phone messages.

Designing a Solution 

Construct an intervention plan for Michael by answering the following questions:

  • Which approach – Constructivism, Cognitivism, or Behaviorism – would you take? Why?
  • What strategies would you use to improve Michael’s classroom behavior and participation?
  • How would you encourage him to complete and submit assignments on time as well as to establish personal learning goals?
  • Can you name some ways you would involve Michael’s parents and siblings in supporting these learning goals?


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