Respond to the following discussion with 150 word each

Respond to the following discussion with 150 word each


Discussion 1

After reading Chapter 9, and reading the article Developmentally Appropriate Child Guidance: Helping Children Gain Self-Control as assigned. I was really glad to see that we are finally addressing the challenging situations that are involved in a classroom setting. What I founded interesting is that there are no right answers when dealing with the challenging of disruptive behavior, but there are many wrong answers with how to handle these behaviors, and there are also some wrong answers when handling these behaviors, the way to handle these situations really depends on the child and the situation you are facing.

Many factors founded motivate children’s behavior and the decisions that they make, and a one size fits all approach to classroom management is neither universally effective nor considered developmentally appropriate (Jaruszewicz, 2012). My thoughts about this is as a childcare provider or an childcare educator, it is important for us to teach children what is appropriate through our actions. Regardless of the behavior or classroom rules that we are addressing I feel that this is a general rule that we as the adults and teachers need to be aware of, while working in the classroom and also with children.

And another thing that I found interesting about this article is the idea of including the children in the classroom helping to make and set the classroom rules. And I feel that it is important to not make too many because the children would get refuse and may not remember if there are too many rules to follow. Another thing to consider is to make sure we as childcare providers or educators we take our time to explain why each rule is being set.

An example of this: Children in the classroom are so full of energy and they love rushing from one thing to the next, so some of the other children may try to run in the classroom or in the hallways while traveling to another class or even to recess. Now as a teacher if I were to encounter this I would talk to the students on just how important it is not to run. Reasomns for this is being that the students could trip and hurt themselves, and this is something that I would not want to see happen. So also I would find away to devise a way for my students to learn to walk without rushing, by telling them to make sure that their hands are by their sides or they could hold each other hands together in front of them or behind them. And also I could tell them to watch and imitate me while we are walking down the halls.

And another one of my class management situation that I may encounter is children not wanting to share or take turns with toys or other objects that are in and outside of the classroom. And if there was a case where I were to encounter this I would make an activity for the entire class to participate by building maybe a big tower with some giant blocks, I also would have the children line up and then give them some blocks to use to build the tower. I would also encourage the other children to cheer on their classmates while we are building the tower. This will help with children learning about to wait their turn.

And last but least, the article Developmentally Appropriate Child Guidance: Helping Children Gain Self-Control it mentions that according to these practices, the purpose of the child guidance, or discipline, is not to control young children but to help them learn to be cooperative. And when it comes to discipline it should not be punishing, instead it should provide childrren with learning experiences that nurture an understanding of social consciousness.


Discussion 2

There are interesting things that was shared in Chapter 9. Students for one thing was taught self control  in different ways. The hardest one was allowing a child to sit in time out in a corner. This was the last thing a teacher used for disciplined for small children. Then, some children were sent to another teacher class. Sometimes this worked because the teacher is more in tune this kind of behavior. This child is either not paying attention or bothering other children. I have noticed this in a kindergarten class where the child was acting totaling different with this teacher. He is doing his work with no problem at all. he is very mannerable. Talking was also allowed when called upon when he are she raises his hand. Sharing also was something that were very important for young children because some don’t want to share. So, if one child was playing with one thing they will change out items or change play station which is something is good to do with small children. Because some children will stay playing with the same thing without sharing with others. I have witness some young children wanting to not sit at any time so the teacher would separate this child by placing him by her desk. That is one way this teacher kept peace in her class because of this child constantly not want to sit down. There were times when the teacher would take recess or play time from students because of talking doing class or just not minding her at all. I will probably used the timeout mostly because this is something that works with my grandchildren and my children. Children do not like to be cast aside or not being among their peers. Letting my children or students where I stand and what I expect in class is clear. I don’t have know picks and choses you must show respect to everyone if I give you respect you must give respect back. You must let students know that you are the adult and they are the child and they must follow rules in regulation in the classroom, outside or any where doing school.




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