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As you can see, a great deal of preparation takes place long before the actual training begins. Trainers must plan for the location of training, the room layout or learn virtual tools, audience needs, handouts and presentation media, and myriad other details that must all be arranged in advance. In addition to working out the implementation details of training, the trainer must prepare and rehearse for the presentation. Even the best possible training design can result in failure if not properly implemented and skillfully presented. Make sure to practice your training before you start recording it. Review and re-record your training as needed. It may take more than one attempt. 

The week begins and you review the progress you have made on your online training program for your client. You are proud of the work you are creating for Ryan and his team. With your strategic training and development process flowchart (Module 1), learning objectives, budget (Module 3), detailed lesson plan (Module 4), and other items of importance in hand you are now ready to begin creating your online training activities and visual aids. 

It is important to remember that appropriate training materials must address various learning styles and incorporate participant assessment in the learning process. There is a lot of work to do and your deadline to present the training is quickly approaching. 

Continue reading for your assignment instructions. 


  1. Over the next two modules (5 & 6) you will develop all of the training activities and visual aids needed for your online training program which will be presented to the class in Module 8. This includes your recorded training presentation. Consider the following as you develop your program. Note, the questions below are for you to think about as you determine which activities and visual aids to use. You do not need to write out and submit responses to these questions for your instructor.
    1. What will you include? 
    2. As you develop content, consider how you will evaluate student learning. 
    3. What training methods will you use? 
    4. How are the training methods you chose related to the needs of the learners? 
    5. Ensure your training content incorporates methods that facilitate the transfer of training. 
    6. Determine how you will measure transfer after the training is concluded. 
    7. How long will the training last? (No longer than 15-30 minutes for this course)
    8. What presentation tools/methods will work best for this training?

Online training presentation minimum requirements, continue reading:

  1. At a minimum your online training program presentation must include the following:
    1. Title slide
    2. Introduction
    3. Agenda and Pre-evaluation (if applicable for your program)
    4. Present the training material, including handouts, etc.
    5. Post-evaluation (required)
    6. Peer-review Online Training Presentation Evaluation form (coming up in Module 7)
    7. Your online training program will be posted in Canvas under Discussions for your peers to participate in. Be prepared to discuss and answer questions about your training with your peers and instructor. Anticipate questions you may be asked and your answers.

IMPORTANT! Your online training program must be recorded and include audio. Your participants must be able to hear you deliver the training material to them. 

  1. Screencast-O-Matic is a free and easy video creation tool that will bring your online training presentation to life. Click here to learn more: 
  2. PowerPoint (Microsoft 10) – Click on Insert > Audio > select “record audio” to add individual audio clips throughout your training presentation. 
  3. If you choose to use video so your participants can see you that is okay. 
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