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This is an opportunity to begin systematically studying an area of interest related to solar policy in an international, national, regional, local, or comparative context.  The first version should be a fery full outline, with an introduction, sections of analysis (such as historical context, and sections for policy, legal, and technological issues),  that is readable, clear, and well supported with evidence. While it may be a review of a topic or area of study, your draft  should have a sound thesis and well articulated argument. Your paper should have an introduction explaining the point and scope of the paper.  It should also show the beginnings of your research,  and have a few appropriate citations from peer-reviewed journals (at least 3 at this point). Do not rely on just media reports!  
Think about the following when organizing your initial draft:
1) What is the topic you are interested in?
2) What are the commonly held positions in relation to this topic? Under what political and economic contexts?  How has this changed over time? 
         For instance, is net metering considered a positive or negative mechanism for increasing the adoption of solar energy?  When was implemented, in what contexts by which states, to achieve what goals? Did they achieve their goals?  Why /why not?  What have policy-makers learned from net metering?
3) who are the major actors, institutions, and/or stakeholders?  Utilities, corporations commissions, policy-makers and politicians, the public?  Who has influence and how is it exercised?  Through what avenues do they make their influence felt?
Good journals to look at for peer-reviewed policy information  are: Energy Policy, Energy Research & Social Science, Current Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reports, and Nature Energy, to begin with.  

– How can we implement cheaper solar energy policies in marginalized, overburdened and disadvantaged communities?

-I would like a full paragraph for your intro, including your topic, what you are arguing or exploring, and how you are going to argue or explore that topic.  For instance, based on our initial meeting, it sounds like your thesis would be something like, “this paper will explore the evolution of different policy approaches from the federal government in the U.S. to address access to energy efficiency and innovation for historically marginalized and underserved communities, focusing specifically on (these pieces of legislation).
Then you would have an outline, with the major policies and what you’ve discovered so far. EAch section of the outline should have some text like what I have below, with some citations (at least one for each section). 
The more research you do now, and the more you put in your outline, the better I can help with honing your arguments and helping find articles.  But there is no fixed word count.
Have you done a google scholar search on the different programs I mentioned?  There are three I think you should look at, at least initially: 
1) The Rural Electrification Act (1936) to look at how the U.S. federal government envisioned electrification as a key element of relieving the worst aspects of the Depression. this would be the historical context section of your paper, perhaps.
 2) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP, 1981) to see how the fed both recognizes energy as a issue,and how they choose to fund programs like this.
3) Weatherization Assistance Program  (WAP): https://www.energy.gov/eere/wap/weatherization-assistance-program

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