International law essay on law of sea

I already choose the topic ”law of sea” and created a outline. The paper should be an analytic Case study of international law’s role in a political dispute. Disputes need not have been “resolved” to be studied. Case studies chosen could involve disputes over Legitimacy of states, Territorial rule, the Use of force, Law of the Sea, Environmental Law, Humanitarian Law, International economic law, and many more. The coursebook comprises a list of countless international law case studies. The final paper should be 8 to 10 pages, not including references. Grades will be calculated upon the quality and clarity of the content. The paper assignment will be actively constructed throughout the course with several opportunities to receive feedback from the instructor. For more information, view the assignment details. Introduction 
A. Introduce the dispute between Greece and Turkey 
B. Introduce the time frame.
C. Explain the relevance of this case 
II. Body 
A. Why is the delimitation of sea borders important? 
1. Explain the Law of Sea 
2. Introduce the delimitation of maritime boundaries. 
B. Why have Greece and Turkey faced this dispute for so many years?
1. The treaty of Paris 
2. Turkish owned coastlines and how it effects Greece. 
C. Territorial Claims 
1. Turkeys attempt to turn the Aegean Sea into a Greek Lake.
2. Maritime Jurisdiction 
3. Demilitarized Status of the Eastern Aegean Islands 
III. Conclusion 
A. Why is this dispute important?
B. What policy does it follow? C. How can this case set an example for future disputes that are similar to 
delimitation of sea borders. 

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