Final exam study guide | Political Science homework help

Final Exam Study Guide
POS368 Ethics and Human Rights
Fall 2017 
The following questions constitute the bank of 16 questions from which I will draw 10 questions for the final exam. **NB 6 of these questions will not appear as options on the exam.** In the test you will be required to answer two of the questions. Therefore, to guarantee that questions you study will be on the exam, you should prepare at least 8 of these questions. Please assume that each question has an equal likelihood of appearing on the exam. 
What, for Locke, was the law of nature? What significance does it have for human rights?
Is the idea of universal human rights based on natural law simply a product of English- speaking culture that should be resisted by other cultures around the world?
Name the components of International Human Rights Law. Which are the most significant and why?
What are the differences between first (blue), second (red), and third (green) generation rights?
What is the difference between customary international law and treaty? Does one form a better basis for human rights protection than the other?
How and why do the United States accept international human rights law?
President Trump has, on several occasions, questioned the relevance of the Geneva Conventions to contemporary conflicts. Is he right to do so?
According to Neier, who led the human rights movement in the Soviet Union and her satellites? What does that tell us about human rights movements?
People in the United States are concerned with national, but not international, human rights abuses. Discuss.
What were the differences in approach towards international human rights in the Carter and Reagan Administrations?
What has been the source of AI’s moral authority? Is that moral authority being eroded?
Account for the rise of Human Rights watch. What world events facilitated the increasing influence of the organization. Who was involved?
How worldwide is the worldwide Human Rights movement described in chapter 10 of Neier? How could that be judged?
How does Neier account for the rise of truth and reconciliation commissions? What are the features of the successful ones?
What challenges were faced by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia? How were they overcome?
What role has the US doctrine of prevention played in human rights following 9/11? Does the terrorist threat warrant such a ‘new paradigm’?

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