Discussion posts and student replies

discussion post
2 paragraphs each

As discussed in this module, citizens consistently perceive crime as increasing and consider it a very serious issues.  However, actual rates of crime have been steadily decreasing over the past few decades.
What factors might explain this phenomena?  What potential actions could be undertaken to help change citizens’ perspectives on crime?

As discussed in this module, the United States has an extremely large number of citizens currently incarcerated, both at the federal and state levels.
Are high rates of incarceration really a problem?  If so, what are some of the secondary problems or concerns that may be generated by high rates of incarceration?


Student replies 
4 sentences each

The United States has the highest amount of people incarcerated compared to any nation. This has become a major problem in the US. These rates have been raised mainly states are sending a larger amount of offenders to prison and keeping them longer. A massive amount of people have significant human effects due to incarceration as convictions put a strain on a persons ability to find a stable, decent paying job. This then creates more poverty in  multiple classes in the nation. A massive business has become of the American Political system costing a lot to tax payers.

Yes, high incarceration rates are a problem. Our prisoners are so numerous, that private companies are making big business in the prison business. Which in turn needs more prisoners to keep profits up. It’s a chattel system that is designed to keep the flow of humans high. Many people are spending years of their lives behind bars for non-violent crimes such as weed possession for a company that makes money for everyday they stay locked up. 

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