Write three pages. read instructions in attached file.

Please if you are not good enough leave it to someone better. I will check Plagiarism after it is done.  You will write about this quistionWhat point does Mahfouz make through structural irony in “Half a Day”?   Please Read the instructions. Highlight the question of your choice and attach this sheet to your essay. As you contemplate the question of your choice, please remember that you need to develop one precise answer to work as your thesis statement (your main point), which can be any of the following kinds of arguments: comparison, contrast, definition, evaluation, causal, process, classification, resemblance, and ethical. Do not make the question your title.              Introduction: In any kind of essay the motivator introduces the topic, which you will find in the prompt question of your choice. Be sure to mention the author’s name and the title of the text in the motivator because you are writing an expository essay. Try to begin your motivator in an interesting way so that your reader is motivated into reading your essay.  The first part of the motivator is the broadest part of your essay because you introduce the broad subject first. Then you narrow down the scope so that you can lead your reader to your limited subject. After this you are ready to state a main point (main claim) about your limited subject. This point is the thesis statement. This point you wish to make as an answer to the question you choose from above is your thesis statement. It is your argument. This argument is a precise point about a limited subject-matter. Hence it should not be a “fact” that is in your text. Nor should it be a claim mentioned by a character or narrator. You arrive at your claim (argument) by way of the author’s suggestions. Any well-articulated argument, which grows out of a thorough reading of the text(s) and which is not a distortion of the “facts” is a valid thesis statement. It usually comes by the end of the introduction. You can also add a blueprint (summary of sub points) after (or with) your thesis statement, but it is not at all necessary. A blueprint works only in a very short essay (a five-paragraph essay). I do not recommend a blueprint because, even though this is a short essay, I encourage you to go beyond a five-paragraph essay.              Body of essay: All the paragraphs here are called central paragraphs. As the introduction is the “claim” part of your essay, so the body is the “support” part of the essay. Here you explain your main point through sub points and supporting evidence (specific support). In short, you show what you tell in the thesis statement. The number of your paragraphs here will depend on the number of sub points you provide to back up your main point. Each of the paragraphs in the body of the essay should explain only one sub point and provide specific support – examples, where you make use of the “facts” of the       text(s) – for that sub point. (Here you may also use secondary sources – points made by other readers who have established themselves as authorities. Acknowledge your source(s) and use it/them relevantly.) As each sub point is a part of the main point, it should be clearly connected with the main point. Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence, and then provide the specific support. A topic sentence sums up a sub point. In other words, it provides the point of the paragraph. Develop your sub points logically. Don’t jump from one point to another (or even one sentence to another). Make your sub points flow logically from one to another. That is, don’t move from one point to another without having adequately developed that point, and try for a smooth transition.            Conclusion: In your conclusion you can throw in a clincher. If that doesn’t come, don’t worry. You can summarize your main point and sub points, but don’t repeat the exact words of your introduction. Try to say something that may develop from your main point but don’t say something unconnected or contradictory to what you have established in your essay. You don’t even need to summarize your main point unless you are writing a relatively long essay. Say all you have to say, show all you have to show in connection with your main point in the body of the essay, and the last central paragraph can be your conclusion. So don’t fret over a perfect conclusion. Always keep in mind that you need to preserve unity and coherence in every essay. Be focused. Do not ramble.  Write complete and coherent sentences. Avoid using clichés and words that are vague. Because your aim is to be clear and concise, you have to choose your words well. Be economic with your words but not miserly! Avoid being repetitive and redundant. An essay is not a plot summary, so you must show your own ability to think. When you write, keep in mind that you are sharpening your ability to analyze. Remember that you have to develop your thought without losing focus. The body of the essay should show a gradual progression of thought. I encourage you to use quotations, but don’t quote or paraphrase without a reason. All your sub points (sub claims) should be connected with your main point. Every quotation you cite should be relevant to your main point, and hence it should be in support of the sub point for which you are using it. Do not pass off someone else’s words or ideas as your own. Always acknowledge your source(s). If you add secondary material, add a “Works Cited” page at the end.

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