Revising a writing assignment | English 105 | Park University

I’ve attached my writing assignment that needs to be revised based on the feedback attachment.

TASK: Your job is to perform a substantial revision of one of your four major writing assignments so far this term. (Choose an assignment that you did not already revise for your first Revision Project.) Use your classmates’ feedback and the rhetorical concepts you have learned so far as guides to enhance your writing. Your ultimate goal is to make your revision into the absolute best piece of writing you can manage. This revision should be closer to achieving its goals and engaging its readers than anything else you have written this semester. Your work on this assignment will set up you up to do an excellent job in the unit 7 Writing Portfolio, which is the culmination of your work this term.
To complete this assignment, you will need first to select the major writing assignment that you will revise. Then, post your draft to this unit’s Peer Review assignment for peer response. Use your classmates’ feedback to begin revision. If your peer reviewers have done a good job, you will have plenty to work with! You should also use all relevant feedback from your instructor as a guide to revision.
This assignment requires significant revision. That means that it will not be enough to simply edit your punctuation, run spellcheck, add a quotation or two, and come up with a new title. So, if you aren’t simply editing your prose, what should you be doing in revision?
This is where the rhetorical concepts that you’ve learned in class so far will help. In addition to learning about the rhetorical triangle, genre, arguments, framing sources, and using the three appeals, this unit you will investigate the rhetorical concept of kairos, which is a sense of timeliness. Use these concepts, along with your classmates’ feedback, to guide your revision. 
Good luck revising!
COVER LETTER: When you submit this assignment, include a brief cover letter (no more than 300 words) that answers the following questions:

What are the most significant changes you have made to this piece of writing?
Why did you make these changes?
What peer feedback was most helpful? Why?
What instructor feedback did you incorporate into your revision?
How has this piece of writing evolved from its original purpose or goal? Would you say that the message is the same, or has it changed in some way?

Include your cover letter as a comment on your upload — not as a separate document. Your cover letter will not count for or against your grade, but will help your instructor respond best to your writing.
LENGTH, DESIGN, & FORMATTING: At this point in your writing process, the length of your writing is less important than its effect: you want your writing assignment to achieve its goals, whatever length that takes. In many cases, this revision will be significantly longer than the original assignment — although length is not necessarily a sign of quality. As always, make sure to fully explore your subject, using development strategies that help you support, clarify, and extend your focus.
Use MLA guidelines for document design. This includes using 1-inch margins, double-spaced type, a page number in the upper right corner, and a Works Cited page.
Remember, titles are rhetorical: make sure that your revision has a title that helps the piece achieve its goals.
To allow your instructor the ability to post marginal commentary, you must submit this assignment as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. You can save files in these formats with most word processors, including Web-based programs like Google Docs, Word Online, and Open Office. If you are using a web-based file storage system like Google Drive or Dropbox, be sure to learn exactly how to transfer files from your storage system to Canvas.

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