Essay #1 – comparison/contrast essay final draft

Please TYPE the FINAL DRAFT of your Comparison/Contrast Essay and SUBMIT it on CANVAS by 11:59 PM on WEDNESDAY, MAY 13th.
Remember to ADD A HOOK & GENERAL STATEMENTS to your INTRODUCTION , A CONCLUSION (Including Your Opinion about the two articles we read) and ANYTHING ELSE that was MISSING FROM YOUR FIRST DRAFT (such as a Clear Thesis Statement, Subtopics [specific similarities and differences], OR clear Examples and Descriptions in your Body Paragraphs). Please CHECK YOUR SPELLING and GRAMMAR (EDIT) before posting to CANVAS.
Your FINAL DRAFT should have the following 8 parts:
  I. An Introductory Paragraph, including:
              1. A Hook and several General Statements introducing the topic (Parents and their children’s careers)
              2. A Thesis Statement: Describing how the two articles are similar and different.
 II. Body Paragraphs (At least 3 paragraphs):
Explaining each of the similarities and differences mentioned in your Thesis Statement and giving detailed descriptions and examples.
              (One paragraph = Topic Sentence + at least 2 sentences of description and examples about EACH ARTICLE for a total of at least 5-6 sentences).
III. A Conclusion, including:
              1. A restatement of your Thesis Statement (using slightly different words) and the specific similarities and differences between the two articles
              2. A Final Thought / Comment (Your opinion about what parts you liked or agree with from each article, which article you liked best, and why)
IV. A Works Cited list, similar to this one from the Sample Comparison Contrast Essay, at the end of your paper:
                Feldman, Jeff. “Meet my Kid, an Adorable Environmental Disaster.” The
                          Hook, 21 February 2013,
                Hymas, Lisa. “I Am the Population Problem.” Rewire News, 25 August
Please use the following format for your typed essay:
        1. A 12-POINT FONT size
        2. ONE-INCH MARGINS (on Top, Bottom, and Sides)
        3. Your NAME, the CLASS NAME, and the DATE in the upper right-hand corner (SINGLE-SPACED)
        4. A TITLE in the CENTER of the page (Bold, Underlined, or both)
        5. INDENT the First Sentence of EACH PARAGRAPH (5 SPACES or TAB)
        6. Make sure YOUR 5 PARAGRAPHS  (below the Title) are DOUBLE-SPACED 

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