Eng 122 week 2 quiz (all correct)

ENG 122 week 2 QuizAll correct   Question 1.                 When analyzing and interpreting a source, researchers should avoid WHICH of the following?Understanding the sequence of ideas Understanding patterns in ideas Understanding relationships between evidence Understanding concepts in the abstract   Question 2.                 A researcher can tell that questions are coherent by all of the following results, EXCEPT when the essential questions are unrelated to one another.  the supporting questions are connected to essential questions.  the scope of the project is limited and possible.  the research is focused on a specific purpose.                          Question 3.                 Which of the following approaches is MOST helpful during the research process?approaching research with an open mind  only seeking facts that support one’s personal beliefs  rejecting unconventional ideas and research  supporting research based on illogical arguments                          Question 4.                 Which of the following is NOT recommended when familiarizing yourself with a new field?Reviewing secondary sources for evidence of existing research  Knowing the current controversies in a field  Only seeking out information related to your initial question  Keeping an open mind and flexible expectations                          Question 5.                 Which method of research offers the MOST comprehensive list of academic articles across disciplines?Accessing Google Scholar’s broad database  Using a specialized database at a library  Searching the dictionary  viewing specific encyclopedias online                          Question 6.                 In the Chapter 2 case study, while researching the impact of technology on teen social life, Emma uses supporting questions to do all of the following EXCEPTto locate open-ended questions for further consideration.  to find new ways to gather and interpret data.  to discover new questions to ask.  to uncover new relationships.                           Question 7.                 Which of the following is the LEAST useful type of source?One that includes other researchers’ analysis  One that offers just facts or information  One that offers you new perspectives  One that includes at least one of the BEAM elements                          Question 8.                 By carefully considering the numerous perspectives on a topic, which of the following is MOST likely to occur?The researcher will get off track on the issue.  The writer will lose focus on the main purpose.  New data will complicate the issues and cause disarray.  The researcher’s understanding will deepen.  Question 9.                 All of the following criteria help writers gauge their interest in a topic, EXCEPTlisting unanswered questions.  mapping concepts and connections.  deciding that sufficient research already exists.  writing paragraphs about important topics.                          Question 10.               The project description serves all of the following functions in the initial phase of a research project, EXCEPTthe puzzling phenomenon you want to explain.  a description of your approach to the research.  the conclusions you have reached.  a summary of different research articles on the topic.                           Question 11.               All of the following are accurate regarding child topics in research, EXCEPTchild topics exist independently from the central, parent, and sibling topics.   child topics are integral to understanding central topics.  child topics can only be understood in the context of their relationship among other child topics.  child and sibling topics help researchers generate essential and supportive questions.                          Question 12.               Researchers who locate a community of scholars engaged in a conversation should do all of the following EXCEPTlink scholars to clear positions.  selectively pick data to support their own views.  identify foundational theories and positions.  start to see structure of a conversation.   Question 13.               Which of the following is NOT a great demonstration of scholarly writing material?Lecturing readers on common knowledge Making an argument Criticizing another writer’s method Borrowing expert authority  Question 14.               Getting started with your research is most easily done by using which ONE of the following methods?Viewing only peer-reviewed, scholarly data Starting with a broad Google search Considering all Internet writers Interviewing peers and faculty for their opinions                          Question 15.               An outline is a tool for organizing online web searches.True   False                                                                          Question 16.               What definition BEST describes the relationship between sibling topics and central topics?Sibling topics are related to the central idea and important to consider.   Sibling topics are more general than your central topic.  Sibling topics show the details of your central topic.  Sibling topics are unrelated to your central topic and irrelevant.  Question 17.               A parent topic is a good starting point for ALL BUT ONE of the following reasons:Parent topics provide a general framework from which to get started. Parent topics provide a context for the debate.  Parent topics show how your topic relates to larger issues.  Parent topics create boundaries and limitations to maintain focus.                         Question 18.               When starting a writing project, researchers should approach their research topic asan interesting problem to be solved.  a potential affirmation of faith and beliefs.  an area with limited perspectives and little to uncover.  a randomly selected topic being researched by force.   Question 19.               Which of the following steps do not help writers develop research topics into appropriate lines of inquiry?Identify the parent, sibling, and child topics  Construct a central, one-dimensional topic  Develop a set of essential and supporting questions  Define the scope of your project               Question 20.               The correct order for Roman Numerals is:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…  I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII…  I, II, III, IIII, X, XI, XII, XIII…  0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…                           

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