Quiz ese370: learning & the brain (cxi1633a) due today at 7pm hawaii

 For students beginning their formal education, __________ is a better predictor of academic success than __________. (Points : 1)        [removed] IQ; long-term memory      [removed] IQ; working memory      [removed] long-term memory; IQ      [removed] working memory; IQ Ms. Huggins places an apple and an orange on her desk to increase her students’ curiosity—and therefore participation—in a grammar lesson. What is the safest or most comfortable way for her students to predict what the lesson will be about? (Points : 1)        [removed] Writing predictions on an individual response device.      [removed] Shouting out their predictions.      [removed] Raising their hands to give their predictions.      [removed] Running up to the white board to write down predictions. __________are the brain’s chemical messengers. (Points : 1)        [removed] Synaptic vesicles      [removed] Synaptic gaps      [removed] Neurotransmitters      [removed] Neuroreceptors What was the result of the study where two groups of students were given a pile of tests to take? (Points : 1)        [removed] The students who were given the choice of test order showed more anxiety.      [removed] The students who were given the choice of test order scored higher.      [removed] The students who followed a specified test order scored higher.      [removed] The students who followed a specified test order were faster. Josef is unsure of the predictions he is making during a physics experiment. The increase in dopamine in Josef’s brain caused by his uncertainty will actually (Points : 1)        [removed] increase his attention.      [removed] slow down his thought processes.      [removed] make him bored.      [removed] increase his knowledge. Why is it that most people are not capable of adding 7/17 to 11/83 using mental math? (Points : 1)        [removed] Most people have not been trained in mental math.      [removed] There is no common denominator in that math problem.      [removed] Solving that problem exceeds the capacity of the working memory.      [removed] The fractions are too small for the working memory to understand Doris repeats in her mind, “I mustn’t forget to pick up chicken for dinner.” What component of the working memory is Doris using? (Points : 1)        [removed] The RAS      [removed] The phonological loop      [removed] The visuospacial sketchpad      [removed] The episodic buffer The separate regions of the brain that correspond to multisensory memory (of the same topic or event) are connected to one another by __________. (Points : 1)        [removed] synapses      [removed] amygdalas      [removed] myelin sheathes      [removed] dendrites How does the communication between brain neurons take place? (Points : 1)        [removed] Chemically only      [removed] Electrically only      [removed] Both chemically and hormonally      [removed] Electrochemically What was the conclusion of the study of 6- to 10-year-olds, in which they were asked to recall as many words as they could from a list of 20 items that could be easily sorted into categories? (Points : 1)        [removed] The younger children used color- and shape-sorting strategies to remember some of the items.      [removed] The older children who were most successful drew the items before being asked to recall them.      [removed] The younger the child, the more unprompted sorting strategies he or she used to remember the items.      [removed] The older the child, the more unprompted sorting strategies he or she used to remember the items. 

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