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Drawing upon the topic you selected for last week, you will create an outline for your informative speech. 
Assignment Instructions

This is the second step in the creative process, and serves as the blueprint or skeleton of your speech.  
Add a references page at this stage of development. This speech should have 2 scholarly sources cited.
Use the Outline Formatting Guide downloadto structure your submission this week. 

Find below prior learner submissions for this assignment. Feel free to use as a guide when working on your writing this week. 

COM301 Outline RubricCOM301 Outline RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMechanics (15%)Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct. Both sentence and paragraph structures conform to current conventions.3.75 to >2.5 ptsExemplary (15%)Meets all guidelines with no errors.2.5 to >2.0 ptsAccomplished (10%)Meets all guidelines; contains minor errors2 to >1.25 ptsAcceptable (8%)Meets some of the guidelines; contains major errors.1.25 to >0.0 ptsInadequate (5%)Does not meet the guideline0 ptsNo Submission3.75 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStructure (40%)Topic is fully explored; minimum number of sub-points (as assigned) are identified and explored for inclusion in the speech. Research is included to boost sub-points as assigned.10 to >8.75 ptsExemplary (40%)Meets all guidelines with no errors.8.75 to >7.5 ptsAccomplished (35%)Meets all guidelines; contains minor errors7.5 to >6.25 ptsAcceptable (30%)Meets some of the guidelines; contains major errors.6.25 to >0.0 ptsInadequate (25%)Does not meet the guideline0 ptsNo Submission10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePurpose (15%)Submission reflects the purpose of the intended occasion; topic is appropriate for the assigned speech (informative, persuasive, special occasion, etc).3.75 to >2.5 ptsExemplary (15%)Meets all guidelines with no errors.2.5 to >2.0 ptsAccomplished (10%)Meets all guidelines; contains minor errors2 to >1.25 ptsAcceptable (8%)Meets some of the guidelines; contains major errors.1.25 to >0.0 ptsInadequate (5%)Does not meet the guideline0 ptsNo Submission3.75 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroductions and Conclusions (30%)The introduction is written in its entirety, and contains an effective attention getting device, a concise thesis statement, and a clear road map.
The conclusion is written out in its entirety and summarizes the speech, recaps the main points, and provides a memorable attention maintaining device.7.5 to >6.25 ptsExemplary (30%)Meets all guidelines with no errors.6.25 to >5.0 ptsAccomplished (25%)Meets all guidelines; contains minor errors5 to >2.5 ptsAcceptable (20%)Meets some of the guidelines; contains major errors.2.5 to >0.0 ptsInadequate (10%)Does not meet the guideline0 ptsNo Submission7.5 ptsTotal Points: 25PreviousNext

Topic I pick last week.
Communication is the essential means to bring understanding among different people and share different ideas. Mostly, people may tend to show or express themselves well through communication and present themselves to the surrounding that they live. With poor or no communication, it brings unawareness and lack of update to the current trends in the community, or communication can be verbal and non-verbal depending on the audience that the information is being delivered. Oral communication is important as it delivers a message at first hand through speaking to people. The speaker conveys the correct message to their audience about certain occurrences and information. This information informs the public and keeps them dated with trends that keep occurring. Oral communication can describe or explain certain things, such as why we need the sun and why rain is important to both humans and animals. We can explain the various importance of rain through oral communication and bring a common understanding to both the audience and the speaker.
When we consider rain as a point of discussion, the communication experts may look for facts about rain and use the facts to share the information with the audience or the public. Rain can be both dangerous and important. This is especially evident when it comes to excess rains, which causes flooding of areas. The speaker explains the effects of rain and how to tackle the problems associated (Dachez & Ndobo, 2018). The speaker explains to his or her audience the importance of rain and why we require rain. Mostly, most people understand that rain is essential to plants that have been grown by people and the nourishment of the vegetation (Salla, 2019). The speaker adds to the people’s understanding of the importance of rain by adding more factual importance of the rainwater to plants, animals, and human beings.
Most speakers may come with scientific facts that the audience may not accept or that may not be accepted to be factual. Some communities may believe that specialists help call the rains, and for it to rain, they must offer sacrifices. Such activities may make the speaker and the audience not understand each other as they explain their information about rain. Most speakers involve their audience during their oral presentation and use various skills to explain well received and interesting. When the speaker talks about rain, he can include stories of thunderstorms and how rain is formed through visual representation, not just explaining from start to end. When explaining the roles of rain to their audience, the speaker ensures that everyone is well and conversant with the mode they use to convey the messages. This is essential as some people may not understand due to impairments. The speaker should also be equipped with facts about rain and its usefulness to plants and animals as most people may maintain a traditional mentality. Rain is very important and is a result of the water cycle that is brought about naturally. After explaining the usefulness of rain, most people should understand why we need rain and practice activities that do not lead to drought, such as destruction to the vegetation. The explanatory communication also informs the audience of the use of rain and that we need it to help in the vegetation growth and plantation.
Dachez, J., & Ndobo, A. (2018). The effects of descriptive, explanatory, and directive information associated with personalised interaction on the attitudes toward an adult with high-functioning autism. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, 43(1), 49-60.
Salla, A. (2019). Weather and climate information services in subsistence agriculture: farmers’ experiences on the adequacy of these services in the Taita Hills, Kenya.
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FridayJun 4 at 12:29pm

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Hi, Su
Rain is a good topic, but  let me simply say that for it to be a strictly informative speech be sure to avoid points about climate change, which has controversy and would make it persuasive. Let me give you a bit more information about the informative speech. You need to map out 3 main points you want to make. The time limit is only 3-4 minutes long, so this might dictate the points you choose. You will need to verbally cite at least two credible sources (no blogs) during the speech.   

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