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FIRST PAPER Week 7 Assignment: Final Paper
You are to write a 3- page paper (not including title, abstract and reference pages) in proper APA format. For your paper, you will create a fictional character for a movie. The character should be in a management position. Your paper should utilize appropriate course material (and from your own research). Please review the rubric above prior to writing this paper.
Ensure you address the following topics in your paper:
Describe the personality of your character (this is to help the reader understand the challenges your leader faces).
How did your character develop their management traits?
Identify three management traits that the leader possesses, and explain why they are necessary to a successful manager.
How you can develop each skill or trait in your own life? Training, education, experience, etc. – but be specific (if you create goals they should be SMART).
What are possible disadvantages to having these traits?
How have you seen the selected traits utilized effectively in your own experiences in life?
How can you market the traits (for this I would like to see resume bullets for each of the traits)? – Put yourself in your character’s shoes, as if they were writing a resume.
How do you relate to your character? Could you be managed by him/her/it?
Paper must include (all in proper APA 6th edition format):
Cover Page
Reference Page
Two additional resources from APUS online libraryTwo additional resources from the internet
Wikipedia, or similar sites are NOT acceptable sources for this paper

Assessing Strategy
2 PAGES In this Assignment, you will culminate two Course Outcomes by analyzing a business case:
MT460-1:Assess business strategy using a variety of seminal theories, principles, and concepts.
GEL-1.2:Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
Synthesizing the various business strategy theories, principles and concepts you have learned thus far, evaluate the strategy of an award winning organization by choosing an “Award Application Summary” from theBaldrige Performance Excellence Program website. You will evaluate the “Award Application Summary” as a business case. Use the following criteria to evaluate your chosen award winning organization by writing a literature review on how the award winning organization applies best practices in relation to the strategy theories, concepts and principles you have learned about through your research:

Write a literature reviewresearch paper on your chosen award winning organization.
Provide a thorough synopsis of the business case for your chosen award winning organization on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website.
Critically evaluate the strategic decisions that led to the organization winning the Baldrige Performance Excellence award.
Explain the organization’s strategic source and type of competitive advantage.
Explain the future strategic direction of the organization by analyzing key decisions in the business case.
Critically evaluate the vision, mission, purpose, philosophy, and goals of the organization.
Analyze how the management strategy hierarchy led to competitive advantage for your chosen organization.
Explain the symbiotic relationship between strategy and policy.
Use a minimum of three scholarly research resources to develop the literature review.
Apply proper APA style format. Be sure to use headings and subheadings to create a flow of ideas and topics within your writing.
Apply Expository writing styleto develop your business report. You should write in third person to avoid bias. Grammar and spelling are important. 

Here is the Unit 2 Assignment grading rubric.
Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember.
Make sure your Assignment is in the correct file format (Microsoft Word .doc or .docx).
Submit your completed document to the Unit 2 Assignment Dropbox.

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