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Part 1 (250 words)For your initial post, submit a discussion of at least 250 words discussing your experience with this class. Be sure that your essay answers the following three questions:·         What aspect of your performance in this class are you proudest of?·         What aspect of your writing skill is most in need of improvement?·         How can you improve this aspect of your writing?Part 2 (600 words)In at least five paragraphs (minimum of 600 words), you will utilize the feedback from your instructor and your classmates on your Problem/Solution essay to revise your previous draft into a final draft. To complete this task, follow these steps:·         Review the feedback provided by your instructor and classmates and make necessary changes to revise the content, organization, style, and format of your essay.Address at least one counter-argument that a reasonable person might present to counter your opinion. Either explain why that counter-argument is wrong, or explain why it is weaker than it first appears. Using research to support this is optional, but it might be a good ideaIncorporate at least one source into your paper. You should use APA format to Includes at least one reference that is cited properly internally and on a reference page.Proofread to ensure there are no spelling and grammar errorsUse basic APA format: Use 1” margins, double-space uniformly, indent paragraphs, and use font 12-point Times New Roman font.This is the Problem/Solution essay:DRUG ABUSE & ADDICTION: A SOCIAL EVIL We have often heard news of road accidents, fights and brawls in discos and nightclub, in most of such cases the person was found to be under the influence of drugs which has become a social evil for modern generation.  We think that it is not our concern as something like this will not happen to us, but the truth is exact opposite of this. One should understand that any person at any age of his life can be addicted to drugs.Drug abuse is consumption of drugs for any other reason other than medical issues. It creates a craving which leads to regular consumption of drugs and the person becomes dependent on it.  It affects every sector of the society, strains the economy, promotes crime and thus hampers the future of the young.There are number of causes which lead to drug addiction. Many times the company that a person keeps is responsible for his habits. Just to be a part of his social friends, one consumes these drugs thinking that it would make them look cool without even thinking of its consequences. But when they realize it, it gets too late as they are already trapped in this trap.Other reason can be ignorance from family and other loved ones, low self-esteem, stress related to workplace or studies, financial crisis etc. In situation like this a person chooses drug in order to escape from the situation and this escapism in turn compels the person to use drug as a medium to avoid the problems of his life causing addiction.It affects our body as we lose control on ourselves, unpredictable mood swings, anxiety and depression. It also affects our behaviour and health and we lose our decision making capability and at worst causes death. Not only this, it makes a person involved in criminal activities if he doesn’t have enough supply of money to fulfil his drug needs.However this menace can be fought. There are drug laws like “The Controlled Substance Act”, ”Harrison Act”, ”Marihuana Tax Act” which has been enacted to fight against drug peddling and drug abuse. The most important way to fight drug abuse is by education. Children should be made aware of the ill effects of drug consumption at school and home. NGOs, media and governmental organizations should play an important role by organizing campaigns and workshops to spread awareness about the same.Parents should maintain a cordial and friendly relationship so that their child can share everything with them. They should take care about their children a bit more and talk to them regularly and try to inculcate moral values in their child in order to reduce the risks of falling victim to drugs. Feedback from my instructor about this assignment.This is a good consideration of the problem of drug use and addiction and solutions for dealing with this. You have a good working thesis; focus this and tighten it up by also reflecting on the solutions. For example, “One should understand that any person at any age of his life can be addicted to drugs; however, there are solutions to help educate people about these dangers.” Continue to watch for issues with sentence structure and usage, e.g. “In situation like this a person chooses drug in order to escape from the situation and this escapism in turn compels the person to use drug as a medium to avoid the problems of his life causing addiction.” Reading aloud can help to find these issues. Are children not exposed to drug prevention programs in schools? How do parents maintain this kind of relationship through their child’s more difficult teen years? Begin to shift away from the first person (I, me, my, mine, we) and the second person (you, your) to achieve a more formal tone and to shift the focus from you as the writer to your topic. You are doing a great job of developing your ideas. Use your outline, either prewriting or postwriting, to help you with organization and structure. You are doing a good job of incorporating research, overall; you will want to include in-text citations to show readers where the information is used in the essay. Our Writing Center and the library have great APA research sources to help you. Consider the following resources, too, to help you develop your writing as you implement research: You do need to double space and indent your paragraphs. Keep working on these areas. You are doing a great job in our class and I look forward to reading more of your ideas.Feedback from my fellow classmate.#1Great job on your paper! Before I even started reading I noticed how clean, and professional looking your page layout was. I’m still struggling with this APA format, at least with references that is. You on the other hand seem to have mastered it fairly well. In regards to your topic. I think you did a good job in dealing with such a difficult topic. I was afraid to touch on anything too heavy with my paper. However, you went straight for it. And I applaud you for it. You’re absolutely right. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. It’s too easy to turn away, or try to ignore it. Only by facing, identifying, and addressing the problem head on. This is the only way we will ever be able to start making a real difference. I enjoyed reading what you had to say on this. The only thing I could think to add would be more figures and statistics to further strengthen you arguments. #2Drug addiction is definitely a problem our current generation is struggling with. I personally believe that music is the biggest influence on drugs. When young children see their favorite rapper or singer using particular substances, or drinking a popular drink, they want to affiliate themselves with what is the latest things out. I do agree with you Walter, I think parents need to connect with their children to develop a level of respect, and where the child feels comfortable enough to discuss certain issues openly.  You did a wonderful job Walter, Your essay was very informative.  My suggestions to you would be to let the readers know a firm point of view of what you think about drugs, in your thesis. Also what is one situation where you witnessed  drug abuse in your neighbor?  I really liked reading your essay. Thank you.            

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