Technical writing week 2 | English homework help

d. Proofread and edit your memo carefully. Don’t rely solely on the computer spelling and grammar checkers because they are frequently wrong. Note: For this and all future assignments, I strongly urge you to download “Grammar Girl’s Editing Checklist” from the Course Documents page in Bb. It addresses some of the most common errors and how to avoid them. Examples of each error are also provided. Save your memo as a MS Word file using the correct file name, e.g., JaneDoeWeek2.docx. Upload your file by to the Week 2 link in the Assignments & Exams page of Bb by the due date and time.  As I evaluate your assignment, I will ask myself the following questions:   Have you followed the instructions in this assignment sheet, in the two assigned exercises in the textbook, and in the syllabus?   Does your response to the assignment show clear evidence that you have read and understood Chapter 2 and that you studied the two CDC fact sheets carefully (Figures 2-1 and 2-2)?   Does your response conform to the criteria listed in the “Grades” section of the syllabus? 

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