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The first day at a new job is difficult for everyone. If you’re in a new city, you may not have friends yet to help you adjust to the new job. Everyone at work is unknown, and you might feel alone, especially because it might be a while before you learn your way around the building. Co-workers may be curious and looking for friendship, but every glance seems to be suspicious, like you are both after the same promotion. If you can meet a friend and establish a connection, it can change everything.
My first day at my first job was a difficult one. To start my career, I had moved to a new city, without the familiar comfort of my friends and family. I hadn’t finished unpacking in my new apartment and didn’t even feel comfortable at home yet. Everyone at work was older and more experienced than I was. With every glance, I felt more and more out of place. Thankfully, that was the day I met Olivia, who changed everything for me.
Use the second example as a guide when you write your essay. This illustrates the same point of view as the assignment requires: first-person.
The introductory paragraphs above essentially communicate the same basic point. However, while the first paragraph conveys a second-person, generalized account of the student’s first work experience, the second paragraph conveys a much more personal, first-person account. Also, when the reader reaches the end of the first paragraph, there’s a sense of completeness, as if the paragraph doesn’t need to connect to any other idea. When the reader reaches the end of the second paragraph, there’s a desire to read more, to find out more information about Olivia and how she “changed everything” for the author; this is the effect your introductory paragraph should have. The reader should be enticed into reading more, which is incredibly difficult to achieve using generalizations. All things considered, the reader doesn’t want to hear about “everyone’s” work experience; he or she wants to learn more about you, as the author. 
Writing from a second-person point of view requires telling a story from another individual’s point of view. Pronouns such as you and yours are used when writing from a second-person point of view. It’s common to see second-person point of view used in speeches and advertising.

Use double-spacing, standard one-inch margins, and a font no larger than the equivalent of Times New Roman 12.
Your final draft should contain between 750 and 2,500 words.Does my introduction attempt to “hook” the reader?
Does my essay have a clear and specific thesis statement?
Does my essay accurately tell my story?
Does my essay indicate why I’m telling my story?
Have I described only my own experiences?
Have I used the first-person point of view (the pronoun “I”) throughout the essay?
Have I clearly indicated where paragraphs begin and end?
Does each of my paragraphs support my thesis statement?
Does my conclusion summarize and give closure to my essay?
Have I effectively proofread my essay?
Have I met the length requirement?
Is my essay formatted according to the instructions?

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