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Quantitative Data Analysis Activity

Instructions: Read each table and answer the questions below each one. 

Reading Descriptive Tables

1. How many nurses total were in the sample?

2. How many GICU nurses assessed the patient prior to suctioning?

3. What percentage of GICU nurses failed to prepare he patient prior to suctioning?

4. How many GICU nurses did not prehyperoxygenate prior to suctioning?

5. What percentage of CICU nurses did not instill NaCl prior to suctioning?


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Reading Correlational Tables

1. Which pair of variables have a strong positive correlation?

2. Which pairs of variables have a moderate negative correlation?

3. Which pair of variables has the weakest correlation? Is it positive or negative?

4. What is the correlation coefficient for social support and adaptive problem solving? Name the direction and strength of the relationship. 

5. What is the correlation coefficient for HF symptoms and depressive symptoms? Name the direction and strength of the relationship.

6. Which pairs of variables are statistically significant at the p < 0.05 level?


Reading OR/RR Tables

1. How many participants were in the sample?

2. How many smokers experienced delayed healing?

3. What three complications have the lowest RR?

4. In plain language, interpret the statistics for delayed healing in relation to smokers.

5. In plain language, interpret the statistics for nerve injury in relation to smokers.

Ans tab. 1

1. CICU nurses sample was 17. The number of samples is identified by n=17.

2. GICU nurses sample is 28(n=28)

3. Patient assessment involves auscultation of patient chest prior to suctioning. Among the 17 CICU nurses, only 2 nurses auscultated prior to suctioning.

4. Patient preparation includes communication aspects also. Among the 17 CICU nurses, 0% percentage of nurses failed to communicate. This means all 17 nurses communicated with the patient prior to suctioning.

5. Prehyperoxygenation is not given by 7 nurses in total. It includes 1cicu nurse and 6 general icu nurses.

6. No nurses from both icu instilled Saline prior to suctioning. So the answer is 0% of nurses instilled saline prior to suctioning.

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