The straw ban | English homework help

For this assignment investigate the following topic:  The Straw Ban
Background: There is great debate around the subject of straws and their impact on the environment. Within this debate have emerged unique perspectives of people in the disability community. 
You are required to write a two-page paper, double spaced, 12 point font, addressing the following points and questions. You must include the section titleabove each response. Failure to follow formatting guidelines will result in a loss of 2points.  
● Introduction- 1 point
Opening statement of topic area(1 short paragraph) 
● References & Summaries – 6 points
Name thewebsites, readings, blogs, and/or documentary films you utilizedin your inquiry. You should use at least 3 reputablesources with distinct perspectives. Include links to any online sources used. What were the main points or arguments of each source? Write a 1 paragraph summary of each source (total of 3 paragraphs worth 2 points each).
● Class Connections – 1 point
Which of these fundamental areas does this topic touch on? Choose 2 areas. How does the topic relate to theareaschosen? Explain. (1 paragraph)
○ Ableism, Social Model of Disability, accessibility, accommodations, assistive technology, inspiration porn, disability rights, respectful language, intersectionality
● Reflection – 1 point
I used to think that… Why did you think that?  Now I think that… Why do you think that now? What changed in your thinking?  (1 paragraph). 
● Closing- 1 point
In this context, how is disability a tool or a means of innovation? How has the straw bandebate evolved towardnew possibilities as a result of disability representation? Or how has it not evolved toward new possibilities? Explain. (2-3 sentences)

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