Privacy in workplace | English homework help

The  increase in use and availability of computers, email, the Internet,  etc. has caused new ethical dilemmas for both employers and employees.   Read the excerpt below from your textbook and choose a side.  Defend  your position and feel free to draw on the policies and experiences you  have gathered from your own jobs.
Conflicts Over Privacy in the Workplace
There  is tension between companies and their employees over privacy in the  workplace. Some companies track employees via company-issued GPS-enabled  smartphones and monitor employees’ behavior through social networking  sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently, there are no laws  preventing companies from monitoring and tracking employees. Companies  believe not monitoring these platforms leaves them vulnerable to  misconduct. For instance, the Internet increased the number of  distractions in the workplace, and some employees may spend up to 30  percent of their time at work using social media sites for nonwork  purposes.
On  the other hand, employees argue they have a right to their privacy.  They see tracking as a clear sign that their employers do not trust  them. Another major argument is that employers with access to employee  social media sites or smartphones might be able to monitor employee  activity outside the workplace. Where is the line drawn on ensuring  employees are working appropriately versus their rights to privacy? 

Post your opinion.  Express it in a professional way. Do not copy the opinion of a  classmate. Use your own thoughts and words. Worth 20 points.

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