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PYCL 510 Assignment #1 – College & Career Readiness Counseling Presentation and Unit Plan (FPEC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8, 2.3, 2.5, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7, 5.3, 7.2, 8.2, 8.3; InTASC Standards 2, 4, 6, 7 (partial); FEAP a.1; CAEP 1.g; NOSCA 1-8) (30 points)Each candidate will present on a chapter of the Curry & Milsom text (chapters and topics will be presented by the instructor). These chapters focus on a variety of the NOSCA components (see list above). Each candidate will educate classmates on the chapter material. In addition to the presentation, candidates will also develop a Career & College Readiness Counseling Unit Plan that aligns with one of the grade levels discussed in the chapter. Deadlines and presentation times will be established by the instructor; grading can be found at the end of this syllabus by reviewing the assignment’s grading rubric. Each presenter will be given one hour to present on their topic and unit plan. The presenter will be expected to use at least 10 resources in their presentation. These resources can include books, journal articles, websites, and other resources. Resources must be cited in APA style in one of the handouts. Five of the 10 resources must be either professional textbooks or journal articles. The presenter must post an electronic copy of their presentation, the unit plan, and any additional essential materials to the class discussion board.
List of Potential TopicsGrades P-1: Career ExposureGrades 2 & 3 Career Play & ExplorationGrades 4 & 5: Preparing for the Middle School TransitionGrades 6 & 7: Career and Self AwarenessGrade 8: High School Transition PlanningGrade 9: Focus on Academic and Work HabitsGrade 10: Career and College PlanningGrade 11: Career and College PreparationGrade 12: Postsecondary TransitionsThe Presentation1.Email the instructor with your top 3 preferences for topics.2.Thoroughly read your assigned chapter in the textbook.3.Research and read supplemental materials that relate to your topic area. Make sure that you use at least 10 resources. Five of these resources must be from professional publications (this can include your textbook, other professional books, and professional journal articles). The other 5 resources can be from websites or non-refereed publications.4.Review the NOSCA Components as they relate to your selected grade level.5.Plan and develop your presentation by following the outline below:
I.Developmental overview

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II.Relevant career theoriesIII.Include key elements to consider for the school counseling program curriculum (cover the relevant
NOSCA Components)IV.Specific school counseling interventions for this grade level
V.Ideas for involvement of parents and community in College & Career Readiness (CCR) counseling curriculum
VI.Ideas to implement the CCR counseling curriculum in a cross-disciplinary fashion VII.Examples of data school counselors can use to assess effectiveness of the CCR counseling
curriculum for this grade levelVIII.A references list (APA Style required)
6.Use a formal presentation format (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi) and upload a copy of your presentation to Blackboard’s discussion board. You will also upload your Unit Plan and any additional materials utilized in your presentation or unit plan.The Unit Plan
Develop a College & Career Readiness Counseling Unit Plan consisting of at least three consecutive classroom lesson plans designed for a specific grade in either elementary, middle or high school level (P re- K through grade 12).
To assist with the Unit Plan, utilize the textbooks, materials assigned in this course, and review NOSCA’s Counselor’s Guide for your preferred grade level.•Elementary: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/elementary-guide•Middle: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/middle-school-guide
•High: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/high-school-guideWhen choosing activities and materials, make sure they are appropriate for the grade level you chose. The College & Career Readiness Counseling Unit Plan should include goals and objectives that are developmentally appropriate, specific activities that will be presented in the classroom, and the pre- and post-tests that will be used to measure the effectiveness of each lesson. This Unit Plan should include at least 3 lessons. Use the lesson plan format outlined below.The College & Career Readiness Counseling Unit Plan write-up will have 9 sections:
I. Profile of studentsa. Grade level chosenb. Students’ career development needs at this grade levelc. Questions you would ask teachers to collaborate regarding students’ needs at this grade level d. How unit plan will contribute to positive learning outcomes
II. Rationale for Career Counseling Unit: What is the purpose and need for unit? III. Unit Overview
a. Give brief overview of unit
b. How can you link this lesson to previous instruction (either previous counseling curriculum or previous academic curriculum)?
c. How can you implement this unit in a cross-disciplinary fashion? Discuss the “best fit” for integrating this unit with academic instruction (e.g. integrating a talk on postsecondary planning
with an economics lesson) (FPEC 8.3; InTASC 7h.k)IV. Unit Goals & Summary of Unita.Summarize unit plansb.Outline overall goals of entire unit V. Specific lesson plans (minimum of three lessons)- Each lesson must include:
a. Specific goals and objectives that are developmentally appropriate
b. Align each lesson with Florida’s Standards (FEAP a.1.a; FPEC 1.2, 1.6; InTASC 4n.k, 5o, 6r.d, 7a.p, 7g.k)
1. See http://www.cpalms.org/Standards/FLStandardSearch.aspx
2. Include the Standards code plus the subject area and title of the standard (e.g. FL Standard X: LACC.1112.RL.1.1- Language Arts- Key Ideas and Details)
c. Align each lesson with at least one of ASCA’s mindsets and behavior (http://schoolcounselor.org/asca/media/asca/home/MindsetsBehaviors.pdf)
d. Align each lesson with one of the NOSCA Components for College and Career Readiness Counseling (http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components)
e. Specific activities that will be presented in the classroom (include worksheets, visual aids, etc. as

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needed in the write-up)f. Listmaterialsneededtoconductthislessonplan.Includeworksheets,websites(detailson
passwords if needed), books, articles, etc. (FPEC 1.6)g. List new vocabulary students will be learning to master the content/skills. Explain how students
will apply new vocabulary in the lessons. (FPEC 8.2; InTASC 4h.p, 4l.k, 4r.d)h. Each lesson includes an informal, formative assessment to monitor learning. (FEAP a.1.d; FPEC
1.1, 4.1; InTASC 6a.p, 6i.k, 6k.k, 7d.k, 7l.k)I. Include one pre-test/post-test (summative assessment) for the Career & College Readiness
Counseling Unit Plan.j. Other than the pre-test/post-test assessment data, what other data will you collect to demonstrate
whether or not this unit plan is effective? Consider outcome/results data (see ASCA model- achievement, achievement-related, or standards/competency data).
VI. Additional details about lesson plansa. Explainhowyousequencedlessonstoensurecoherenceandconsiderationofpriorknowledge.A
diagram or graphic should be included to demonstrate sequence of lessons and alignment of concepts. (FEAP a.1.b; FPEC 1.8; InTASC 2c.p, 7c.p)
b. Explainhowyoudesignedinstructionforstudentstoachievemastery.A. Include a remediation plan for students who are not successfulB. Include a statement regarding how your planning can help improve students’ career
development planning in the short term and long term.c. Describe how you chose a text and/or other counseling materials to support the FL Standards,
ASCA mindsets/behaviors, and NOSCA components for the students. Make sure to highlight thatthe materials are on the students’ reading level and highlight that you discussed the selection of
these materials with other educational professionals.d. Describe how your lessons will require students to demonstrate at least four applicable skills and
competencies as outlined in the standards listed below (FEAP a.1.c; FPEC 1.3; InTASC 7b.p, 7i.k, 7j.k, 7q.d)
A. Refer to the Florida Standards, ASCA mindsets/behaviors, and NOSCA components
B. Provide a matrix and aligns skills and competencies to the lesson objectives (FEAP a.1.f; FPEC 1.3; InTASC 2a.p)
e. DescribehowyouwillaccommodateESOLandESEstudents.Considerlearningstrategies, resources, and technological tools. (FPEC 7.2; InTASC 2e.p, 2i.k, 2o.d, 7k.k, 7n.d). Use resources
from the Iris website if you need assistance: http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/iris-resource-locator/VII. Plans for implementing this Career Counseling Unit
a.How could you use data to evaluate learning outcomes? Consider data from the pretest/posttest but also from other data sources.
b.How could you collaborate with colleagues to adjust planning and improve the effectiveness of these lessons? (FEAP a.1.e; FPEC 5.3; InTASC 7d.k, 7e.k, 7f.p, 7m.k, 7o.d)
c.What problems could occur during instruction? How could you effectively deal with these problems?
d.What resources would be helpful in the implementation of this plan?
e.How can you implement this plan in a way to promote student employability and lifelong learning?
a.How has developing this unit plan increased your knowledge of the planning process?b.How do you plan to use this experience to help you develop future lesson plans?c.How will you meet the needs of students even if they are at different stages of decision-making in
terms of their career development? (e.g. some of them have already job shadowed and have a
Alignment Matrix Format
Lesson/Unit Objective
Assessment Activity

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mentor, while others have not even considered potential careers)Additional details on completing this assignment can be found in the rubric below.A rubric for this assignment can be found at the end of the syllabus. Students must receive at least a 70% to receive a passing grade. A student who scores less than 70% of the grade on the assignment must complete an Individual Remediation Plan with the instructor. Failure to successfully remediate the assignment will result in a F (Fail) grade in the course.Assignment is due in class on October 4, 2019

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