Addiction question | Nursing homework help

Addiction question | Nursing homework help.


Everything You Know About Addiction Is Wrong

Directions: Answer the questions below after watching the TED Talk video. You must answer each question with at least 8 sentences. 

Addiction is a major part of our society and hurts many of us either directly or indirectly. After watch the video the speaker describes how we as a society treat addiction. Not just addiction to drugs and alcohol remember addiction can be good things too like exercise. Addiction comes in many forms and is not just the “typical stereotype” from Hollywood movies.  

1. What does the speaker say is the key reason people become addicted? Do you agree or disagree please explain your response.

2. Can you think of a person in your life suffering from addiction?(any example is fine) If you follow the speakers advice, what is one thing you can do to help that person? If you can not think of a person in your life struggling with addiction give me examples on what the speaker said to help others in our society. 

3. What are your thoughts of the video? If what the speaker says is true, how does this relate to what our society is currently going through with isolation? How did/does our health crisis impact those struggling with addiction? This question is not on how you feel about Covid. It is a question about how does isolation regardless of the reason, hurt a person with addiction. 

Addiction question | Nursing homework help

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