5 page essay | English homework help

5 page essay | English homework help.

Task 4 (100 points)-Submit through this link. 
Write a research based essay that provides a compelling justification for your political issue and uses what you learned in your experiences attending meetings and additional research on local/state government to provide a detailed plan of action for how an average citizen like yourself can get involved at the local or state level to influence the political system to address the political issue that you researched. Please submit your essay through this link.
Essay Standards
Your essay should use APA citation format for your research sources (no need to worry about a cover page or abstract). You will need to provide in text citations and a reference sheet with your sources in APA format.
Standard font size/style, spacing and margins (i.e. 12 pt Times New Roman, double spacing, 1 inch margins). 
4-5 pages of writing (your references page is not included in this count)
Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization is always expected in any academic submission.
More about developing your essay: 
Your research on how a citizen can address this issue should be based on the textbook (especially chapter 3), classroom insights about the political world, your experience at local meetings and your own independent research that looks into specific political parties, interest groups and other vehicles for participation that are unique to your issue.
You will need to provide a thesis statement that includes a position on the political issue you think should be addressed and a list of the main actions that you will cover in the paper for how a citizen can act through the political system to address the issue (both as an individual and as a group and through the various institutions in government). You will need to provide data on the political issue you think is most important which covers the extent of the problem, including who is affected and how, and possible causes and solutions. It should address provide both the historical context and current status of the problem. If you are struggling to come up with a political issue, you may want to check out the “Debate in 15” in Chapter 15 of the textbook for ideas (you can use the table of contents on Revel to navigate to this section of the book).  
Some questions to consider as you develop your paper:
What is the most important political issue to you and why?
Who is affected and how?
What is the potential impact of not addressing this issue?
What is the historical context and the current status of this issue?
What political actions can a citizen take both as an individual and with a group of like-minded individuals to address this issue?
What are the positions of the two major political parties in the U.S. on this issue and which one would you argue has the best idea for how to address this problem and why?
What specific interest groups are there to address this issue?
***A special note about a well-developed thesis statement***
A well-developed thesis statement both provides your audience with a clear statement of your positions (in this case what the most important issue is and why and what the plan of action is) and it gives you reader a roadmap of the major ideas of your paper. As such, your thesis should list the major ideas that will be covered in the body of your paper (in the example below this is “a, b and c” and “d, e, and f”) and the order in which they are organized in the body of the paper. Thesis statements are generally included at the end of the introductory paragraph. The body of your paper should then follow the organization set forth in the thesis statement.
Below is the general format (or anatomy) of a well developed-thesis statement and a specific example that I would probably use for my own paper if I was writing this essay (please note, there are other ways to organize your thesis statement but the same general information should be included). 
Thesis statement anatomy: 
If “x issue” is not addressed, there may be grave consequences such as “a, b, and c.” Citizens can work to prevent these consequences through the political system by “d, e, and f.”
Thesis statement example:
If climate change is not addressed, there may be grave consequences such as disastrous flooding, wildfires, political unrest and food shortages. Citizens can work to prevent these consequences through the political system by voting for representatives who will support a Green New Deal, joining interest groups who are lobbying government, and encouraging others to take action by promoting various ongoing activism on social media. 
Consider working on an outline to guide your writing/research process. It’s more work up front but the writing process is way quicker and the product/essay tends to be better organized and better quality overall.  
An outline would cover:
Introduction and thesis statement
Explanation of the issue
who is affected and how (including data/research to support the claims and provide specifics)
historical context and current status (including supporting research and data)
Consequences of not addressing the issue (including supporting research and data)

Plan of action for addressing issue
As an individual
Including specific political actions as discussed in Chapter 3 and described in the context of the issue you’ve chosen to address

With a group
Including specific groups like political parties and interest groups (again discussed in Chapter 3) and described in the context of specific party and group positions on the issue.

Please note: the plan of action should make up at least 1/2 of your paper and include very specific information about things like: How to register to vote, where to vote, when to vote, where to find info on running for office or getting a ballot initiative on the ballot (including general information about what is required, for example, signatures/meeting deadlines/following campaign finance regulations, etc.),  what specific interest groups or political party to join, what campaigns/efforts to tap into, etc.
Grading breakdown (100 points total): 
Thesis statement/organization of paper 15 points
APA citation format and references page, grammar/spelling, etc., required page count, etc. 15 points 
Research supported content on important issue 30 points 
Research supported content on plan of action efforts 40 points

5 page essay | English homework help

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