Mamangement | English homework help

Mamangement | English homework help.

Chapters 11 & 15 of Mathis et al.  Use the textbook, videos, and other resources to answer the following questions. Make sure you cite your work to support your statements:
Discussion Board #4
Your Assignment
Step A

Chapters 11 & 15 of Mathis et al.  Use the textbook, videos, and other resources to answer the following questions. Make sure you cite your work to support your statements:
(Make sure your answers correspond to the question you answer.)
Have you ever worked for an organization that did not honor the FLSA’s pay requirements associated with rest and meal breaks? Were you aware of this issue, and did you do anything about it?
If you were an HR professional or general manager in charge of overseeing compensation in a company, what kinds of metrics and data would you use to determine how pay could better enhance retention?
Henry Ford paid the workers in his automobile assembly plant more than most employers at the time. He also took an interest in their well-being outside of work. Agents helped workers organize their homes, manage their debt, and buy homes.
How did Ford’s approach to employee relations impact employees? Do you think it was to their advantage or disadvantage for the company to take such an active interest in their lives?
What are some of the things Henry Ford did that you think to have merit? If you were running a company, what practices of his might you adopt?
Remember, to cite your sources and use references at the end of your initial post.

There should be a total of 3 posts for the assignment (1 original post with two numbered responses and/or replies). Remember to cite your work on your first post! Review the Discussion Board Rubric for scoring.
Read the instructions.
Answer ALL questions (as directed). 
Single-space your answers. Double-space between paragraphs.
Use the corresponding question number and question in your answer. Bold the question. Look at my example of a good initial post. Remember to cite your work when necessary. Even when your paraphrase an author or video, you must cite your source. Provide references at the end of your initial posting. Follow APA 6th or 7th Edition for citations and references.
Use correct spelling and avoid jargon when posting. Avoid abbreviations unless you explain the abbreviation first (Example: Absent without leave (AWOL).
Remember to use correct punctuation and spelling when posting (e.g.: Capitalize all sentences). If you use a reference from the text or other material cite it in your response and provide the source of the reference at the end of your post.
Do not attach documents on the discussion board. You will NOT receive credit for documents attached to your discussion board post. You may provide links or other documents as attachments that add value to the discussion. 
Use black font only on the discussion board.
Look under Helpful Links and Tools Module for an example of the initial post, grading rubric, how to cite a YouTube video, and other APA help.

Mamangement | English homework help

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