Assignment 3: research proposal | English homework help

Assignment 3: research proposal | English homework help.

Assignment 3: Research ProposalCreate a research proposal on the topic you selected last module and submit it to the M2: Assignment 3 Dropbox as a Word attachment. Your research proposal will outline a plan for your final argumentative research essay, and should reflect the work done previously on developing your topic and thesis statement. Your research proposal will be two to three pages long, and you must use the following format:NAME:THESIS:BACKGROUND:OBJECTIVE:SUPPORTING POINTS:1.        a        b        c2.        a        b        c3.        a        b        cCOUNTER-ARGUMENTS:1.2.3.RESPONSE TO COUNTER-ARGUMENTS:1.2.3.IMPLICATIONS:TENTATIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY:Prior to posting your research proposal to the Dropbox, review your work and ensure that you’ve met all of the major points outlined in this module’s lecture, “The Research Proposal Format.” Also, utilize the “Example Research Proposal” and the grading rubric below to check your own work prior to submitting.By Wednesday, July 30, 2014, post your research proposal as a Word attachment to the M2: Assignment 3 Dropbox. Use the file naming format: LastName_First Intitial_ENG101_M2_A3Research Proposal.Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsThesis (making your claim clear)You state your thesis (your main point) in a single, declarative sentence that can be true or false. Your thesis is neither too narrow nor too broad.16Background (what you expect to cover in your argument) You offer a short overview of the main points that you expect to cover in your paper.4Objective (your intent in researching and writing on this issue)4Supporting Points (explaining the points covered above) You expand on your overview, with a statement of what you already know about the subject that supports your claim and areas where you will need to do research to fill in your knowledge.16Counter-Arguments (what does the “other side” think?)You fairly and completely offer the strongest arguments against your position.12Response to Counter-Arguments (how do you plan to answer those objections listed above?)You offer your possible responses to the objections listed above. You avoid fallacious argumentation and note the areas where the other side is correct.8Implications (what is the significance of this topic outside of your paper?)Clearly explain how and why this issue is relevant.4Tentative Bibliography (eight potential sources for your paper)Include a minimum of eight credible and current sources. At least four of these sources should be peer-reviewed. Use the University Library for your research, and present your sources in APA references list format.16Format (have you followed the required format and presented this information in a way that your reader can easily interpret?) (YOUR NAME, THESIS, BACKGROUND, SUPPORTING POINTS, COUNTER-ARGUMENTS, RESPONSE TO COUNTER-ARGUMENTS, IMPLICATIONS, and TENTATIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY) in capital letters and in the order listed here. Be sure to use APA format for your bibliography.8Vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation (the way you present the items listed above)You use appropriate language, avoiding wordiness, while giving the reader all necessary information. You have no spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.12Total:100 

Assignment 3: research proposal | English homework help

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