Organizational assessment | NURSING | Chamberlain College of Nursing

Organizational assessment | NURSING | Chamberlain College of Nursing.


To assess my organization for improvement opportunities I would first assess the reports of errors and near misses as well as the reportable outcome data. I would compare the outcome statistics to the National standards. This type of analysis would highlight the strengths and weaknesses within the organization, which would in turn reveal the opportunities for improvement (Benzaghta et al., 2021). I would then perform a literature search to identify the best practices. Comparison should be made between the descriptive from literature and the actual practices in the units and identify outdated practices and regulatory contradictions that would pose a threat to change. The gap between current practice and evidence-based best-practice must be defined to provide a measurable scope for the intervention. A clearly defined goal for the intervention is needed before the process of identifying the stakeholders can begin. In my experience, I have found that there are typically significantly more stakeholders than anticipated. Stakeholders will include representatives from multiple professions such as nurses, nurse executives, physicians, dietary, social service, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, human resources, information technology, environmental services, maintenance and facility management, product vendors, billing, and compliance departments (Cooper, 2021).

My ultimate goal for my DNP project will be to reduce the readmission rates for patients with heart failure. This aligns with my organizational goal of improving the outcomes for patients experiencing recurrent non-reimbursable admissions for heart failure that could have been prevented by increased compliance with health optimization measures (American Heart Association [AHA], 2021). Banner Health strives to provide comprehensive patient care and make the lives of everyone in the community easier by increasing ease of access to excellent care (Banner Health, 2021). Heart failure is an impactful medical condition affecting Banner Health right now, and Banner Health’s overarching mission is to improve the lives of our community. One opportunity to improve our community health is the reduction of avoidable re-admissions by following the evidence-based interventions supported byte the American Heart Association (AHA, 2021; Banner Health, 2021).


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Cooper, S. (2021). Stakeholder analysis. In Corporate social performance: A stakeholder approach (pp. 123–156). Routledge.


Organizational assessment | NURSING | Chamberlain College of Nursing

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