Obj 6 | Nursing homework help

Obj 6 | Nursing homework help.

Nursing homework help


1. What is the difference in the content of Charge Nurse Shift report when compared to individual patient care report?

2. What things does the Charge Nurse take into consideration when making assignments for both the RN and the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP)?

3. Who checks the emergency equipment? When is it checked? What is involved in the check?

4. What is the Charge Nurse’s responsibility for covering patients during RN and Nursing tech breaks, lunch or when the RN is off the unit for procedures with other patients?

5. What is the Charge Nurse’s responsibility during an Rapid Response Team  (RRT) call or a Code Blue? How can the Charge Nurse intervene to reduce the likelihood of an RRT call or a Code Blue?

6. What skills and education do you think the Change Nurse needs to manage a shift?

7. Describe the Charge Nurse activities during the shift.

8. How does the Charge Nurse prioritize throughout the shift?

9. How does the Charge Nurse manage staffing issues for the current shift and the next shift?

Nursing homework help

Obj 6 | Nursing homework help

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