SOLUTION: Grossmont College O J Johnnie Cochran and the Hypothetical Syllogism Discussion

SOLUTION: Grossmont College O J Johnnie Cochran and the Hypothetical Syllogism Discussion.

In 1995, Pro-Football Hall-of-Fame running back O.J. Simpson was on trial for the murder of
his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.
At one point during the trial, prosecuting attorney
Christopher Darden asked Simpson to try on one of
the gloves found at the crime scene in order to
demonstrate that the glove fit Simpson’s hand.
However, when Simpson tried on the glove in front
of the courtroom, he appeared to struggle with
getting it on. In other words, this was a big blow to
the prosecution’s case against Simpson.
The following is an excerpt from Johnnie Cochran’s
closing statement in the trial. Johnnie Cochran was
Simpson’s defense attorney, and this is essentially
his last opportunity to convince the jury to vote “Not Guilty”:
And so she (Ms. Clark) talks about O.J. being very, very recognizable. She talks about O.J. Simpson
getting dressed up to go commit these murders. Just before we break for our break, I was
thinking – I was thinking last night about this case and their theory and how it didn’t make any
sense and how it didn’t fit and how something is wrong. It occurred to me how they were going
to come here, stand up here and tell you how O.J. Simpson was going to disguise himself. He was
going to put on a knit cap and some dark clothes, and he was going to get in his white Bronco,
this recognizable person, and go over and kill his wife. That’s what they want you to believe.
That’s how silly their argument is. And I said to myself, maybe I can demonstrate this graphically.
Let me show you something. This is a knit cap. Let me put this knit cap on (Indicating). You have
seen me for a year. If I put this knit cap on, who am I? I’m still Johnnie Cochran with a knit cap.
And if you looked at O.J. Simpson over there – and he has a rather large head — O.J. Simpson in
a knit cap from two blocks away is still O.J. Simpson. It’s no disguise. It’s no disguise. It makes no
sense. It doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.
There is a hypothetical syllogism in there, and your task is to find it and state it in
standardized form. Here is a reminder/template:
1. If X, then Y.
2. X.
C: Therefore, Y.

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SOLUTION: Grossmont College O J Johnnie Cochran and the Hypothetical Syllogism Discussion

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