SOLUTION: GAC3000 Gulf College Personal Finance Project

SOLUTION: GAC3000 Gulf College Personal Finance Project.

Affiliation with CARDIFF SCHOOL


Written work
f m otherwise referenced
A srgned declaration that the work is your own (apart ro
of your assrgnmen
acknowledgements) must be included after the reference page
Each page must be numbered.
r O f bbreviations
Where appropriate, a contents page, a list of tables/figures and a ‘st
should precede your work.
All referencing must adhere to School/Institutional requirements.
A word count must be stated at the end of your work.
Appendices should be kept to the minimum and be of direct relevance to the content
your work.
All tables and figures must be correctly numbered and labelled.
Other types of coursework/assignments
Where coursework involves oral presentations, discussions, poster presentations, etc.,
specific instructions will be provided by your module leader/team.
enoJ htJV ~ 1JJri+e.. ckzcr;+,c” .
Rewrite below part just after the References of your assignment.
1,[Name of Student], hereby declare that the uploaded Coursework through Turnitin is my own work.
I affirm that this has been researched and completed in accordance with the college rules and
regulations on plagiarism.
1 acknowledge the advice given by the module tutors on proper referencing to avoid plagiarism and
the rules on the academic unfair practice.
I acknowledge that I read and understand the plagiarism guide written at the end of this
assessment. Any academic misconduct will be handled according to the rules and regulations of the
[Name of Student]
pg;2 f Version-1
Ge n eral instr uctio ns
Coursework must be submitted like an acad
be given to you by y
em,c POS t ers before due date. An acknowledgement will
our teac er upon prese t t·
keep it.
n a ,on
the finance clearance. This is your receipt,
The only circumstance in whi h s·
.. .
c as ignments can be submitted late like an academic posters is if a
M,t,gatmg Circumstances (MC) f
b .
orm 1s su m,tted at the same time. In these circumstances work
may be submitted within five (5) working days. Make sure to secure MC form and submit the same
to the concerned staff.
Write the number of words used, excluding references, at the end of your assignment. Provide the
liS of sources you used at the last page of your assignment with proper label ‘References’. You may
include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. The number of words will be+ or-10% of the
total words allowed.
A work declaration must be included just after the reference page of your assignment. This ensures
that you prepare your work in good faith. Any form of collusion and/or academic unfair practice will
be dealt with according to the pertinent rules and regulations of the partner university. Please read
carefully the plagiarism guide.
Assessment Details
This Coursework comprises 30% of the total assessments marks. These will develop the following

Digital skills – students will be able to find, utilize, evaluate and create content using information
technologies and the internet, as well as they can learn how to design, create, and present academic
posters to advertise or announce any information in the nearfuture.

Innovation and creativity – students will use their own creativity to prepare the academic posters
using images like texts, graphics and pictures etc.
In ~dditlon, the assessment will test the following learning outcomes:

Compare the main features of financial products and providers
Pg.3 f Versionl
Assessment Task
· d
d · oster
Each student will research on the
This assessment requires you to make a personalise aca emic P
h Id be a mixture of texts and graphics
topic guidelines given below to complete the poster. Th e post er s ou
that will best illustrate the topics chosen. Completed task should be printed on Al chart paper.

~ t!yD….;>
lb .
rask on financial planning: (Long term goals) -t0 i C.
~ •~
. :…..U
The foundation for investing starts with proper financial planning, setting goals, estabhshmg a budget,
gathering financial records and knowing our net-worth. That’s why setting up goals, creating and following a
financial plan with our goals in mind is very important. The decision to save is a short- term goal, but it’s one
that can help us to achieve our long-term goals. A long-term goal is something we want to achieve further, it
requires time and planning. So, the chances of achieving the most important long-term goals are better
when we set short-term goals that help us to achieve the set long term goals. The long-term goals that we
set in our life could be money to be invested in education, buy a house, invest in shares/market securities,
start a business, and so on. Based on this scenario, you are required to prepare an academic poster on the
following points:
Identify and explain two long-term goals that you could set and achieve in the future
Choose and explain the role of financial institution existing in the Sultanate of Oman to meet your
long term goals
(500 words)
(BOO words)
Compare the loan provided by the chosen financial institution with other financial institutions with
respect to the loan procedures like repayment scheme, rate of interest and other terms and
conditions etc. in meeting your long term goals.
c;o,.1p -1
PAI 1.
(500 words)

Guidelines in making the poster:
The font type must be Arial with a font size of 12 and with 1.5 line spacing. It should be a Microsoft
Word Document based on required format.
Main message of the poster should be clear and understandable with limited contents
Academic posters with more creativity and productivity by maintaining a proper word balance
between text and graphic
Coo$1stency and clean layout should be followed for the poster
T~xt should be legible, uncluttered, avoid abbreviations and acronyms
(ofolJr selections should be simple: using only two or three colours will unify the poster
Maintain module title and module code as header and Student ID and name as footer
Pg.4 f Versionl
GAC3000 – Personal Finance
AY: 2019 -2020/ 1st Semester
Marking Scheme
. , ‘t~ \t. .
Financial planning:
Identifying and explaining two long term goals (2 * s marks)
Discussion on how to achieve the chosen two long term goals
(2 * 5 marks)
Choosing and further explanation provided about chosen the
financial institution existing in the Sultanate of Oman (2* 10
Explanation on how well the chosen financial institution will
help you to meet your long term financial goals (2* 10 marks)
Comparison between chosen financial institution with the other
financial institutions:

Student can discuss about the loan procedures with other
financial institutions in terms of interest rates, repayment
schemes and other terms and conditions etc. considering the
chosen long term financial goals
(2* 10 marks)
Exclusively for the academic posters meeting all the requirements (1
mark each)

Header and footer

Size and material of the poster

Consistency and clean layout etc.

Tables and flow charts used etc.

Structure and presentation style
Referencing ( Harvard referencing style) along with the
·c itations(Minimum 5 reference along with the citations)
pg.s f Version!
Plagiarism, which can be defined as using without acknowledgement another person’s words or
ideas and submitting them for assessment as though it were one’s own work, for instance by
copying, translating from one language to another or unacknowledged paraphrasing. Further
examples of plagiarism are given below:
Use of any quotation(s) from the published or unpublished work of other persons, whe th er
published in textbooks, articles, the Web, or in any other format, which quotations have not been
clearly identified as such by being placed in quotation marks and acknowledged.
Use of another person’s words or ideas that have been slightly changed or paraphrased to make it
look differentfrom the original.
Summarising another person’s ideas, judgments, diagrams, figures, or computer programmes
without reference to that person in the text and the source in a bibliography or reference list.
Use of services of essay banks and/or any other agencies.
Use of unacknowledged material downloaded from the Internet.
Re-use of one’s own material except as authorised by the department.
Collusion, which can be defined as when work that has been undertaken by or with others is
submitted and passed off as solely as the work of one person. This also applies where the work of
one candidate is submitted in the name of another. Where this is done with the knowledge of the
originator both parties can be considered to be at fault.
Fabrication of data, making false claims to have carried out experiments, observations, interviews or
other forms of data collection and analysis, or acting dishonestly in any other way.
Plagiarism Detection Software {PDS)
As part of its commitment to quality and the maintenance of academic standards, the University reserves
the right to use Plagiarism Detection Software (PDS), including Turnitin. Such software makes no judgment
as to whether a piece of work has been plagiarised; it simply highlights sections of text that have been found
in other sources.
The use of plagiarism detection software fulfills two functions. The first is to enhance student learning (i.e. as
a developmental tool); the second is to guard against and identify unfair practice in assessment.
further information and guidance can be found in the University’s policy on the Use of Plagiarism Detection
Pg.6 f Versionl
Personal finarce: Coursewo rk
Answer keys:
Id entify •
explain two long-term goals that you could set and acheve in the future(S00
Identifyi ng long t erm financial goals wi ll be any two of the following:

Investing on shares or other market securities

Save for ret irement

Investing on buying an em pty land

Investing on buying a com rnercfal complex

Investing on buying real estate properties

M oney invested on education/invest in a college education

Buying a house

Installing solar roof tops (green finance assistance)

Pay o ff debt
Introduction about long term financial goals and two chosen long term financial goals (100
Discussion about two long term financial goals (200 words+ 200 words)
Choose an d explain the role of financial institution existing in the Sultanate of Oman to meet
yo ur long term goals
Stude nt s have t o cho o se and explain about any one of t he given below fina ncial institution/commercial
banks :
Bank Muscat
Bank Dhofar
National Bank of Oman
Alizz Islamic Bank
Ba nk Sohar
Beirut Oman Bank
Oma n Arab Bank
HSBC Om an
Ahli Ba nk

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SOLUTION: GAC3000 Gulf College Personal Finance Project

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