SOLUTION: ENG124 Grossmont College Watchmen Rhetorical Strategies Essay

SOLUTION: ENG124 Grossmont College Watchmen Rhetorical Strategies Essay.




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Comic books are the publication which combines the images and the texts. The comic
book authors use images and texts to express their thoughts or ideas. Although the comic existed
especially in japan, in the US and UK, they were popularized around 1933. Initially, the comic
books incorporate humorous tone, but later they were replaced, featuring the stories of all genres.
One of the famous comic books which do incorporate non-humorous tone include the watchmen
by Alan Moore. The watchmen are a comic book which was published in 1986 by DC comics.
The book satirizes the corrupt government. The success of the watchmen comic book was made
success by the collaboration of Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins. In the book, Alan
Moore was a writer, Dave Gibbons was the artist, and John Higgins was the colorists. Alan
Moore is recognized as a primary writer more specifically for the comic books such as ballad of
Halo f Jones, V for Vendetta and others. David Gibbons was recognized as English comic writer
or artist. Also, John Higgins is recognized as an English comic book writer or artist. In the
watchmen, comic book, Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins, uses different rhetorical
elements to convey both written and visual elements to heighten the readers’ experience.
Rhetorical Analysis
Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins use different rhetorical strategies to
heighten the readers’ experience. The watchmen incorporate both the texts and the images to



improve the readers understanding about the theme the article addresses. Ideally, the watchmen
are a comic book which addresses the contemporary issues in American history in 1960s s. The
book covers the rise of the government-sponsored vigilante in the United States. Even after the
vigilante was outlawed, the top government official continued to hire some vigilante for their
own reasons. In specific, the watchmen cover the event during the administration of President
Richard Nixon. It during his tenure as president the cold war between the United States and the
Soviet Union heightened. The cold war separated the world into two groups, that are capitalism
and communism. Some countries were amassing the nuclear weapon in preparation for another
world war. Similarly, during the era of President Richard Nixon, the vigilante was abolished in
the United States jurisdictions. However, the president continued sponsoring some vigilante to
attack people who appeared to be the threats in his presidency. Therefore, the watchmen focus
on the group of five men and one woman who were costumed crime fighters. Although they
were regarded as superheroes, only Dr. Manhattan had special abilities. The comic book uses…

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SOLUTION: ENG124 Grossmont College Watchmen Rhetorical Strategies Essay

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