SOLUTION: Baruch College Physics Questions

SOLUTION: Baruch College Physics Questions.

PHYSICS 5B UC Berkeley Physics Thermodynamics Fluids Waves and Optics Project

Description: For your project for our Physics course, you will submit a written research review broadly related to our Physics topics, which include thermodynamics and matter, fluid mechanics, oscillating systems, waves—including sound andother mechanical waves as well as electromagnetic waves— and optics. Your review should summarize and synthesize multiple high-quality academic or popular sources, explaining how your topic relates to the laws of physics as explained in the Physics series. Imagine as your audience someone who has taken Physics and understood the concepts, but doesn’t necessarily know anything about your project topic.As you write your review, think about trying to answer some of following questions for your audience. What is the significance of this topic, either to our fundamental understanding of physics or in practical applications? What are the fundamental laws of physics or equations that govern the phenomema? What are the connections between your topic and what we learn about in our Physics course (thermodynamics, fluids, waves, and optics)? What is the history of experimental or theoretical research into your topic? What major breakthroughs, if any, have shaped our currentunderstanding of the topic? What are some open problems or unanswered questions related to the topic?Examples of high quality sources include textbooks, academic journal articles, popular sum- maries of scientific research in academic sources (for example, summaries or news articles in journals like Nature, Science, and PhysicalReview), popular accounts from reputable organizations like the American Physical Society (APS), NASA, the NIH, or universities (but try to avoid press releases from university communications offices), articles from high-qualitypopular science mag- azines (Quanta magazine is a good example; but be careful, there is a lot of bad popular science writing out there), and personal webpages or blogs of scientific researchers (again, be careful; even good scientists sometimes present idiosyncratic or non-mainstream views in their personal writings).You must avoid plagiarism. Write in your own words. Make sure to provide citations for any ideas or informationyou use that are not your own original work (any standard academic citation format will do). I strongly suggest that ifyou include any figures (diagrams, charts, graphs, or any other kind of visual presentation of information), that youmake them yourself and don’t just copy from one of your sources. If you do find it necessary to use a figure made bysomeone else, please make it clear where it came from and how to access the source you got it from.Obviously, this is only an introductory physics class, so I don’t expect that you will be able to digest and explain alldetails of your topic at the level of a working scientist. However, I do expect that, to the best of your abilities, you will put effort into understanding your chosen topic and explaining it clearly and accurately.Your project doesn’t necessarily need to include any equations or calculations, but including a small number of relevant equations—and explaining what they mean physically—will probablyimprove your review. If you do include equations, I would prefer that you typeset them, for example using the equation editor in Google Docs or Word, rather than handwriting them.I will grade your project holistically based on the following criteria (in no particular order):-Judicious selection and use of high quality references.-Synthesis of multiple high quality sources to present a coherent and accurate narrative about your topic-Clear, concise, and grammatical writing. -Demonstrating understanding of fundamental physical principles like conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics, the atomic model of matter, the superposition principle, the wave model of light, etc.-Connecting your chosen topic to our Physics course material, either broadly or specifically.-And in general, showing that you’ve put effort into researching and learning about your topic as well as writing, formatting, and proofreading your report.Formatting: Your writeup should be single-spaced and written in 12-point, serif font (like Times New Roman, Palatino, Georgia, etc.). There is nopage minimum or maximum, but a length of 3 to 5 pages seems about right to me. You can use any standard academic citation format. The follow is a list of ideas I came up with to help you in choosing a topic for your final project. You’re welcome to use one of the ideas listed here or to come up with your own. You definitely shouldn’t consider this list exhaustive; this is more like a brainstorm on my part. If you want to pick something not on this list, it might be a good idea to run it by me or your TA first to see if it would be a good fit for this project.(Note: I plan to add more detailed descriptions of each of these and say a little about how they connect to the course material.)-Thermodynamics and life•Phases of matter and phase transitions:•Brownian motion:•Black-body radiation:•Non-newtonian fluids:•Turbulence:•Shock waves:•Life at low Reynolds number:•Animal echolocation:•Human/animal hearing:•Seismology:•Meterology:•Ultrasound:-Gravity waves in water:-Gravitational Waves:•Fourier analysis:•Applications of electromagnetic radiation to medicine:•Optical aberrations:•Human/animal vision:•Applications of lenses/mirrors in optical instruments:-Michelson interferometers:I tried to give suggestions that don’t rely on you knowing anything from electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, or atomic physics. If have taken the course or you otherwise have exposure to these topics, there are a whole bunch of other things you might want to write about like lasers, plasmas, magnetic phases of matter, crystallography, superfluids, superconductivity, ferrofluids, etc., etc.Scientific writing resources: Here are a couple resources on scientific writing to help you out. These are mostly for working scientists writingpeer-reviewed research articles or proposals, so not all of this will apply to you. However, there is a lot of good generaladvice here that will help you improve your project. I’ll try to add more resources here as I come across them.UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center ( sciences/)Duke Graduate School Scientific Writing Resource (

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SOLUTION: Baruch College Physics Questions

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