SOLUTION: AUST The National Rifle Association Paper

SOLUTION: AUST The National Rifle Association Paper.

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The National Rifle Association
Criterion #1: Authority
The organization did the research. The rationale for the implication in the National Rifle
Association’s fundamental cause is found in the United States’ founding papers. From this
vantage point, the United States Government is accountable for compiling the NRA material.
However, from a more pragmatic and fundamental standpoint, it is readily apparent that the NRA
laid the groundwork for the task. The NRA’s mission statement is crystal apparent on its website.
Additionally, the organization’s constituencies are well identified. There are around 4 million
members of various ages, sexes, races, and religions. Though there are significant concentrations
of NRA members in specific geographic and socioeconomic parts of the country, the NRA is
active in all 50 states. As a member, you receive numerous benefits, including accidental death
and dismemberment coverage, arms care coverage, a magazine subscription, and different
discounts. The organization’s contact information is readily recognized and is organizationspecific. The NRA is extremely receptive to membership involvement, and in addition to its
numerous offices throughout the country and its headquarters in Washington, DC, the NRA
encourages members to participate and remain active online, whether by sending commentary
via (contact information listed) or by participating in the site’s
blog and commentary section.
Criterion #2: Accuracy
The organization site has provided links to outside sources however these sources are all under
the parent site NRA. All links and publications have the NRA logo or stamp of approval. For
example, is a site that provides many articles and publications
that are in support of the NRA, however, all of which have been written by NRA members of
staff. The sources provided for factual information are not from any independent source. The
reader of the site is to assume that the NRA is a credible source because the research done is
internal. However, it is important to note that the key persuasion method employed by the NRA
organization is not one based on research, numbers, statistics, or facts but rather on the premise
of logic based on the Constitution and basic liberties guaranteed to individuals.
Criterion #3: Objectivity
The sponsoring organization’s mission statement is publicly available. The website describes the
organization’s mission in explicit detail: it advocates for gun rights and gun ownership rights for
United States citizens. The organization is non-profit and is governed by a board of directors.
Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President, oversees the site. These are American citizens who
have taken on the responsibility of ensuring the Constitution’s provisions. The organization is
self-supporting through contributions from its constituents and the United States government.
Criterion #4: Currency
The data/information presented is current, and the website, particularly the blog/commentary
section, is updated almost daily. In terms of NRA publications, the site cites the article’s
publication date. The organization is non-governmental and is funded entirely through taxdeductible contributions from the general public. Thus, the NRA obtains funding for its
operations through member donations. Yes, there are supplemental records available, including

annual reports and current and archived policy positions. The NRA holds annual meetings and
then publishes a report outlining its year’s objectives. Policy positions are available in the various
offices located throughout the country, as well as in the central office. While the site is not
currently accepting new applications, the NRA does have a career section available at Yes, the organization maintains a website, which is
updated on a near-daily basis via the organization’s blogs and commentary section. The front
page is updated frequently with new videos and articles, and the publications section is updated
approximately every few weeks with new articles.
Criterion #5: Coverage
Yes, I would be able to know everything about the organization as a basis for a memorandum if I
was able to effectively answer all of the assignment’s questions. I was left with no unanswered
questions: the website is really helpful. I discovered no inconsistencies or skeptical claims. To
obtain a fully educated and objective policy memo, I would approach the government’s lobbying
division and obtain information about the NRA from them. Because the NRA is so powerful, the
government has access to a wealth of information about the organization and its spending. As

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SOLUTION: AUST The National Rifle Association Paper

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