SOLUTION: Unit of Translation Causes a Lot of Controversy Discussion

SOLUTION: Unit of Translation Causes a Lot of Controversy Discussion.

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Question 1:
How do you define a unit of translation?

Defining a unit of translation causes a lot of controversy. Some linguists completely deny the
very possibility of the existence of such a unit.
A translation unit is usually understood as the smallest (minimum) linguistic unit in the original
text that has a correspondence in the text of the translation.
A translation unit can be a unit of any language level.
In modern linguistics, it is commonplace to distinguish between the following levels of the
linguistic hierarchy:
– the level of phonemes (for written speech – graphemes);
– the level of morphemes;
– word-level;
– the level of phrases;
– the level of proposals;
– text level.
Depending on which level the translation unit belongs to, we will distinguish accordingly:
translation at the phoneme (grapheme) level, at the morpheme level, at the word level, at the
word combination level, at the sentence level, at the text level.
● translation at the level of phonemes (graphemes) is also known as transcription.
When focusing on the spelling (graphic form) of the original word, it is called transliteration.
● morpheme-level translation.

Each morpheme of the translated word corresponds to a certain morpheme in the corresponding
word in the language we are translating into, for example, the ones used to show plural forms.
● word-level translation

translation of idiomatic or stable (phraseological) phrases. As you know, their meaning
is not equal to the sum of the meanings of their components, that is, words, due to which
word-by-word translation of such phrases turns out to be impossible in most cases, and
the whole phrase acts as a translation unit.

● Sentence-level translation
This type often occurs when the translated sentences are idioma…

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SOLUTION: Unit of Translation Causes a Lot of Controversy Discussion

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