SOLUTION: San Jose State University The Atmosphere Discussion

SOLUTION: San Jose State University The Atmosphere Discussion.

GEOG 1 San Jose State University The Lithosphere Discussion

Topic: The LithosphereIn discussing the lithosphere, I thought we could look closely at a place whose characteristics illustrate nearly all of the elements of plate tectonics. This way, you will get a better idea of how many features of the solid Earth and ocean work together as a system. That is expressed quite well in the Deep Dive video below. If you watch that video closely, you will understand more than you would from reading all of Chapter 10 in the textbook, which I also recommend you take a good look at.First, let me tell you a little about the place at the center of the Deep Dive video. I recently took a trip there, a place called Changbaishan, or Changbai Mountain, also known in Korea as Mount Paektu. Changbaishan is located on the border between China and North Korea. This massive volcano last erupted, with tremendous force, about a thousand years ago. The scars remain, and within them have arisen some of the most unique ecosystems in northeast Asia.The border between China and North Korea border runs right through the mountain’s crater lake, which is the site of the Korean people’s origin myth. Kim Jong Un has visited the lake several times, as have several Chinese leaders. If you look at a map (or watch the beginning of the first video below) you’ll notice that the China/DPRK border was intentionally diverted to allow Korean access to and dominion over at least part of this lake. Unfortunately, the North Korean people do not seem to have been given such access. But despite the fact that getting there is still difficult, many South Koreans who travel to China continue to visit from Chinese access points.Watch: 1442 Steps to Heaven Lake [Gary Pereira] Recommended: Valley Float Stone Forest of Changbai Mountain [Gary Pereira] Recommended: Jinjiang River Canyon [Gary Pereira] I wanted you to get a good understanding of lithospheric processes and how they connect with hydrological, geochemical and biological processes through the following excellent explanation. Opening this video in a separate browser gives you access to all reference URLs and papers. Try to watch it carefully, and put everything you can into addressing question 1.Watch: Why China’s Largest Volcano Is So Unusual [Deep Dive] Access via CANVAS (Files): StayingSafeWhereTheEarthShakes_BayArea.pdf PuttingDownRootsInEarthquakeCountry_BayArea.pdfHomework 11:Describe in detail the process of plate tectonics between the Pacific and East Asia. Why is Changbai Mountain (Mount Paektu) so unusual, in a geological sense? What is the role of water in plate tectonics?Retrieve from Files and read the two documents, “StayingSafeWhereTheEarthShakes_BayArea” and “PuttingDownRootsInEarthquakeCountry_BayArea”. In an essay, describe steps that should be taken before, during, and after a major destructive earthquake, from the perspective of you as a family member and/or neighbor, public servant, health care worker, business officer, planner, etc. in order to reduce suffering and loss. Assume that people around you may be in need of aid. Assume that gas lines, electricity, and communications have been disrupted. You may be at work, or school, at home or on the streets when it hits. You may fictionalize your account, with specifics, or you may write in a more straightforward manner.Chapter 10 Essay Questions 17, 28, 3310.17. Outline the various processes of physical, chemical, or biological weathering.10.28. How does beach drift and longshore drift move sediment along coastlines?10.33. Describe some the important characteristics of soil

SOLUTION: San Jose State University The Atmosphere Discussion

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