SOLUTION: MCOMM 101 Glendale Politicians Manipulating Social Media Research Paper

SOLUTION: MCOMM 101 Glendale Politicians Manipulating Social Media Research Paper.

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Politicians Manipulating Social Media
The internet has a lot of power. When it was first introduced many individuals
doubted how beneficial it could be. It has definitely proven to be an amazing invention that has
created even more technology. One of the creations that spawned from internet access is social
media platforms. Social media platforms were first introduced as a way for individuals to interact
with their family and friends from all over the world. This was doable because the internet was
strong enough to be able to connect from China to the United States and even further. Social
media, however, has changed a lot. Instead of simply connecting with family, now social media
is used to entertain, advertise, and create new connections.
Social Media right now is being dominated by both celebrities and politicians. According to
Kinshuk Pathak, “The advent of social media has offered news organizations an enormous
potential to market their contents, wider-reach and frame brand image” (2018). This shows just
how large of an impact social media has on the world, specifically news organizations
broadcasting information on politicians. Many politicians and other activists use it to portray
their thoughts and ideas on political stances. This results in a lot of controversies and changes to
both journalism and Broadcasting.
Question 1: How is social media replacing broadcast media as the way that presidential
candidates get their views distributed quickly?

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Presidential candidates primarily used to use television broadcasting to get their message
out in the forms of commercials and sponsorships. While the idea is still there, it has become
more common for politicians specifically presidential candidates to turn to their social media
accounts for intelligent reasons. This is most likely because social media accounts require less
effort and less money. Not only is it financially beneficial to the politicians looking to save any
money for their campaign, but social media can reach followers that are in other countries and
states, while television broadcasts usually have limitations. One channel that is offered in

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SOLUTION: MCOMM 101 Glendale Politicians Manipulating Social Media Research Paper

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