SOLUTION: MC Portfolio Feedback Worksheet

SOLUTION: MC Portfolio Feedback Worksheet.

Assessment Brief: GL5 small scale research
report and Moodle discussions
General Language 5
1: Draft and final version small scale research
report (300 – 350 words) and Moodle
discussions (300 – 350 words)
(2nd part of writing portfolio)
NA for draft report; final version is 12.5%
(Moodle discussions included in final version
are another 12.5%, but do not include the
Moodle discussions in your draft.) Total of
final submission: 25%
Draft report: 1st April 2022 before 12.00
Final report and Moodle discussions:
Friday 6th May 2022 before 12.00 midday
Draft: Friday 22nd April
Final: Friday June 3rd
This assessment will
evaluate the following
Learning Outcomes:

Communicate arguments and ideas
clearly in English in a style appropriate to
the subject matter and audience.

Write complex sentence structures,
paying informed attention to word form
and making effective use of appropriate
cohesive devices.
Completing this
assessment will help you
develop the following
professional skills:
Task description:

Conduct a small scale survey and discuss
the results using appropriate academic

Use language clearly and persuasively to
express ideas/points of view
Recognise and use appropriate genres of

Write a report of 300-350 words,
presenting the results of a
questionnaire. This is small scale, and
10 participants is enough.
Your survey will be on an aspect of life
for international students studying at a
UK university: this will be an aspect of
your choice.
Your work should be in your own words,
and include a title.
You must include 1 reference (see
Moodle for sources, but you may also
use your own).
You should express your ideas in a
logical and organised way, using
paragraphs and clear and appropriate
Your final submission will also include
a selection from your different Moodle
discussions: about 100 words each, and
totalling 300 – 350 words; you should
include some of your replies to others to
demonstrate interactions. These can be
copied and pasted from Moodle into
your submission form.
Is a reference list required?
Yes: 1
If ‘Yes’, please refer to Referencing @
Links to further guidelines and See the report section on Moodle.
mark sheet
General guidelines:
· Students will receive a mark ranging from 0-100. Note that work
awarded 80+ demonstrates an outstandingly high quality in all
assessed categories.
· All work must be word-processed when relevant. Please use 12point font, 1.5-space and keep an electronic copy.
· Tasks must be submitted by 12 noon via the appropriate dropbox
on Moodle.
· Feedback on the work will normally be returned to students within
20 working days on Moodle.
· Students must use their student ID instead of their name to
ensure anonymous marking.
· Tasks should be the student’s own work exclusively. Receiving
help from a more advanced student (or a native speaker) will be
considered plagiarism. Standard plagiarism penalties will apply
in such cases.
A survey report: An investigation of University of Portsmouth
students’ wants needs with regard to the Library
The purpose of this survey is to investigate how and why students at the University of Portsmouth use the
library. As Kelly, (2010) says: ‘The library is the backbone of a college or university’s academic
environment.’ Knowing more about students’ wants and needs is helpful for the library for improving their
service and standards in the future.
A total of 10 students in General Language Grade class 5 (GL5) were involved in this survey. Five of them
are males and five females. Six of them are Chinese, two Spanish, one Japanese and one Cypriot student.
The survey was held in Park Building University of Portsmouth, room 2.24 on 9th March 2015. It seems that
the students from different nationalities have similar ideas about the library.
Survey results showed that all students do use the library. Half of the students in GLC 5 visit library two to
four days a week. While the other half goes only once a week. 30% of students go to library for group
meetings, 40% to find books and another 40% to do their coursework. Moreover, 40% of students felt that
the books provided were useful for academic writing, 50% prefer using E-books instead and the final 10%
chose academic journals.
All the students in GLC 5 class believed that library materials are useful for students to broaden their
knowledge. 60% of them felt that the University library had enough seats, while the rest felt otherwise.
The survey showed that, in general, students are already quite satisfied with the library. All the respondents
believed that the University’s library resources are useful for students to attain more knowledge and provide
necessary references needed for higher education. Books and E-books are the most popular materials used
by students to support their point of view in their academic reports and assessment. The main negative
comment was regarding the number of seats available for students and it does seem university library should
provide more space for student to do their work.
Kelly,R . (2010). 4 Reasons Why the Library Should Affect Your College Choice. Retrieved
1. How often do you visit the library each week?
Everyday 2~4 days 1 day Never
2. Purpose of visiting the library?
Find books Do assessment or report
Group meeting
3. Are the library’s resources useful for students to gain more knowledge in higher education?
Yes No
4. What kind of library materials that you like to use in academic writing?
Book E-book Academic journals newspaper
5. Are there enough seats in library for students to do their work?
Yes No
Sources for completing your small scale research report:
Based on the research that you started in class, you must write a report of 300-350 words
discussing the student experience of living and studying in the UK. You should also refer to
ideas and information in previous reports on this subject. You can find your own published
material or you can reference a suitable quotation or paraphrase from one of the following
five sources:
Hyland, F., Trahar, S., Anderson, J. & Dickens, A. (2008, November). A changing world:
the internationalisation experiences of staff and students (home and international) in UK
Higher Education. Higher Education Academy. Retrieved from
Jump, P. (2010, October 21). Once on course, find comfort food. Times Higher
Education Supplement. Retrieved from
Liu, C. (2013). From language learners to language users: A study of Chinese Students
in the UK. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 23 (2). Retrieved from
McMahon, P. (2011). Chinese voices: Chinese learners and their experiences of living
and studying in the United Kingdom. Journal of Higher Education Policy and
Management, 33 (4). Retrieved from
Rosenthal, D., Russell, J. & Thomson, G. (2008). The health and wellbeing of
international students at an Australian University. Higher Education, 55 (1). Retrieved
McNaught, C. (2006). Using Narrative to Understand the Convergence of Distance and
Campus‐Based Learning During the Time of SARS in Hong Kong. Educational Media
International, 40 (3).
Retrieved from
GL5: Portfolio Feedback
Student Number:
1a. DRAFT Class Research Report Submission & Formative Feedback
Type your Draft Class Research Report in the table (box) below:
1a. GL5 Draft Class Research Report Checklist
Student No:
1. Does the draft include…?
Yes/No Comment
A title

An Introduction

Paragraphs giving
Methodology and Results

A Conclusion
A reference
A bibliography
A copy of the questionnaire for
information only
2. Is the language clear and
suitable for academic

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SOLUTION: MC Portfolio Feedback Worksheet

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