SOLUTION: Grammar Translation Method of Teaching Foreign Language Summary

SOLUTION: Grammar Translation Method of Teaching Foreign Language Summary.

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Grammar Translation

Considered as an “old-fashioned” method and was originally called “classical method”, grammar
translation is a method of teaching foreign language which makes use of translation and grammar
study as the main teaching and learning activities. In such a way, the grammatical rules learned
by the student are then applied by translating sentences from native language into target
language. The approach used under this method is to study and analyze native language’s
grammatical rules and then practice using such rules through the means of translation both into
and from the mother tongue. In this case, it is the mother tongue or the native language that is
used as a medium of extensively discussing grammatical structures. Moreover, pronunciation is
given a little to no focus at all as the primary goal of this method is the application of grammar
and correctness of sentence structure. Exercises that could help improve or master this method
are the following:
a.) Translation of a literary Passage
– The student will choose a literary passage which is written in the native
language and then translate it into the target language.
b.) Fill-in-the-blanks
– An exercise wherein students will complete the sentences with the missing
c.) Reading comprehension questions
– Students will read a passage and then subsequently answer using the target
language, the questions being asked.
d.) Deductive application of rule
– examples are given per grammar rule and the student will apply such rule by
providing a different example.
e.) Antonym/synonyms.
– Based from the passage, students will identify set of words that are antonyms or

Direct Method

Contrary to grammar translation method, Direct method of teaching uses the target language
directly in teaching foreign language. This method is also called as the natural method.
Moreover, this method focuses on learning through speaking and listening and not on the
grammar. Students are prohibited from speaking their native language in order to train them to
think and speak in foreign or target language. Of course, it is difficult at first to think and speak
right away using foreign language so it is vital to have a safe space for students to commit
mistake. On the other hand, students shall be rewarded or praised when they were able to
effectively communicate using the foreign language. Exercise that could be used in enhancing
learning via this method is thru the following:
a.) Listening
– it is important for the students to hear how the language is used in
communicating as well as how the words are pronounced.
b.) Speaking
– after hearing its usage and pronunciation, students are expected to put it into
practice by actually speaking and communicating using the foreign language
c) Repetition
– Students shall practice using the language repetitively in order to familiarize its
usage in an effective oral communication

Audiolingual Approach

Similar to Direct method approach, students are taught directly with the use of foreign or target
language. Also known as Army Method or New Key, Audiolingual approach focuses on
speaking and listening competencies as it stresses out accurate pronunciation and grammar, and
the ability to swiftly respond in speech situations. Also, this method teaches language through
dialogues that focuses on students’ habit formation. When we say habit formation, mistakes are
considered bad and must be avoided. It is also believed that in order for language skills to be
learned effectively, they must be delivered first orally, before presenting it in a written form.
This method primarily aims to develop the listening and speaking skills of the students.
Exercises that could be used under this method are:
a.) Reading Dialogues / Inflection
– Teacher will present a dialogue by reading each line and then students will
repeat each line presented or read by the teacher.
b.) Teaching Substitution Drills / Replacement
– Teacher will present or read a phrase, and then the student will change a word
without modifying the context of the phrase.
c.) Transformation Drills / Restatement
– by the word itself, transformation, teacher will present a phrase and the student
will provide a different grammatical form of the phrase.

Communicative Approach

As opposed the Audiolingual approach. Communicative approach focuses on developing
learner’s competence thru real communication and interaction. Simply saying, having a
communication is the primary goal of this method. Having been involved in real communication,
students will be able to learn to use the natural strategies for language acquisition which will then
enable them to use the language. This will help developed student’s linguistic skills rather than
their grammatical competence. Various oral activities, that are used under this method, are
enlisted on Wikepedia’s website:
a.) Group work
– people work jointly, hence communication among the members occur.
b.) Information gap
– since this activity aims to gather information, a student is expected to
communicate with whom he seeks to get the information with.
c.) Interview
– done in pairs and students must ask and answer each other’s question.
d.) Opinion sharing
– a student will share something about a given topic thereby showcasing his
conversational skills.
e.) Role-play
– students will be given a certain scenario to re-enact and aims to develop
student’s communication skills.
f.) Scavenger hunt
– Will enable a student to find more about a person in order to know them well so
he will be more comfortable sharing with other people. Since a student will be
able to talk with a number of classmates in order to know them more individually,
this activity promotes open interaction among students.

Teaching Unplugged

Basically, under this method, external inputs are taken away by the teacher and let the students
drive the flow of discussion. More likely, it is teaching through conversation only. It is a method
developed by Scott Thornbury. A responsibility lies upon the teacher to identify the class and to
think about the language points that may come up no matter what the topic is. Teacher just need
to walk into the classroom and start talking. Students may change the topic and the teacher has to
run with it. In order to incorporate language, teacher has to assess how students speak or say a
thing and then provide for a better way of saying it. Also, it is important for the teacher to
identify mistakes of students as they speak so the teacher may correc…

SOLUTION: Grammar Translation Method of Teaching Foreign Language Summary

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