SOLUTION: Engineering Fluid Mechanics Oil and Gas Problems

SOLUTION: Engineering Fluid Mechanics Oil and Gas Problems.

Both equations are same. The equation I provided is derived from the Equation from ypur book. The derivation is few simple un necessary steps.

4 a) Name one instrument which works on the application of Pascal’s law. Explain the procedure of how
it works?
One of the many applications of Pascal’s law is Hydraulic lift. It is very useful in lifting heavy and big objects using a
simple procedure. It has two pistons, one is a lot bigger than the other, and both of them are fitted on the same
confined fluid. According to Pascal’s Law when pressure is applied on the small piston the large piston takes the
same pressure from the fluid and thus any object placed on the large piston can be lifted easily.

4 b) Consider the case of flow-through two pipelines. One of which is having liquid and the other one is
having gas.
Name, what type of flows will be associated with those pipelines and explain those two type of flows.
The pipeline carrying liquid will have laminar flow while the pipeline carrying gas will have turbul…

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SOLUTION: Engineering Fluid Mechanics Oil and Gas Problems

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