SOLUTION: EIND 313 USD Predetermined Time Systems and Learning Curves Technical Report

SOLUTION: EIND 313 USD Predetermined Time Systems and Learning Curves Technical Report.

Hi! Here is that completed lab! Please look over it and let me know if there is anything you need

EIND 313 Laboratory #6-8,
Predetermined Time Systems (PTS) and
Learning Curves
Compare and Contrast: Pre-Lab
The procedures for this lab demonstrate multiple assembly methods. In each method, the
U-bolts, saddle and nuts were all placed in individual bins. The U-bolts furthest left, nuts in the
middle, saddles on the right and then furthest right was the finished goods box. The first method
is conducted without a fixture, which is a tray that holds the U-bolt in place. The second method
utilizes a fixture. The fixture is placed at the front of the work station, before all of the supplies.
The third method is conducted with alternative abilities, which in this example is left-handed
dominant. The fixture is also used in this method. Using the first method, the assembly process is
slowed due to the individual having to hold the U-bolt with one hand and use the other to slide
on the saddle. When screwing on the nuts, the hand holding the U-bolt is able to assist, but not
efficiently. In the second method, the U-bolt is first placed in the fixture. Now, the operator has
both hands to assemble with. The saddle is placed onto the bolt, then with both hands the nuts are
screwed on together. Lastly, in the third method, the first operator is 7-years old and left hand
dominant the second operator is 5-years old and right-hand dominant. Similar to the second
method, a fixture is being used. Being left hand dominant, there is the tendency to grab
everything with this hand. The operator reaches across her body to grab the U-bolt and then
places the saddle. When screwing on the nuts, the operator had a difficult time doing both at the
same time. For the right-handed operator, the sa…

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SOLUTION: EIND 313 USD Predetermined Time Systems and Learning Curves Technical Report

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