SOLUTION: BTC Radioactive Decay Study Guide Worksheet

SOLUTION: BTC Radioactive Decay Study Guide Worksheet.

Study Guide

1. The following
statements correctly define radioactive decay, except:

A. energy is
release as radioactivity decay occurrs

B. is the process
whereby unstable atoms in an element break apart and form new

C. all radioactive
decay is deadly

D. the spontaneous
breakdown of elements can occur in a day or it may take thousands of

E. radioactive
decay is thought to be the bases for the major source o heat for the
Earth’s interior

2. The following
concepts provide supporting evidence that the continents have moved
over time, except:

A. the types of
modern mammals present

B. shapes of the

C. climate

D. geologic

3. All minerals
must have the following five specific characteristics, except;

A. inorganic

B. solid

C. semi-liquid

D. Naturally

E. crystalline

F. definite

4. Scientist use
physical and chemical properties to categorize soil into how many
broadly different categories;

A. 12

B. 24

C. 9

D. 4

5. Tropical
forest soil is classified as

A. andisols

B. ultisols

C. aridsols

D. oxisols

6. High nutrient
soils are classified as

A. spodosols

B. oxisols

C. alfisols

D. ultisols

7. Soils found in
Conifer Forest are classified as

A. alfisols

B. Spodosols

C. Histosols

D. oxisols

8. Which of the
Islands listed below is an example of islands being formed over a hot

A. The Canary

A. Iceland

C. The Hawaiian

D. none of the

E. all of the

9. What type of
volcanic flow caused the majority of the deaths associated with the
eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980?

A. lava flow

B. pyroclastic

C. Lahars

10. Which flow is
considered the least threat to human life?

A. Lahars

B. pyroclastic

C. lava flow

11. All of the
following represents the definition and composition of the layers of
the Earth, except?

A. The crust is
the rigid solid layer that makes up the surface of the Earth

B. The core is
divided into two distinct zones, the inner core and is solid

C. The core is the
center of the Earth, and is primarily made up of iron

D. The mantle is a
dense, how layer of flexible rock that makes up the most center part
of the Earth

12. Which area in
the U.S. has the highest level of Uranium in surface rocks.

A. Mid-North

B. South-West

C. South-East

SOLUTION: BTC Radioactive Decay Study Guide Worksheet

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