SOLUTION: Ashford University Principles of Biology COVID 19 Essay

SOLUTION: Ashford University Principles of Biology COVID 19 Essay.



Principles of Biology/ Covid-19
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Covid 19 explained
The Coronavirus disease, also known as (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease
caused by a new strain of Corona virus (WHO, 2020). The disease was first discovered in
December 2019 in Wuhan, China, but it has since spread worldwide. Consequently, the World
Health Organization declared Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 11 2020. Globally,
countries submit data to WHO, who updates confirmed cases of Covid-19 and deaths on daily
basis. For instance, as of 26th April 2020, the number of global laboratory confirmed cases was
2,804,084, while total deaths were 193,697,606 (WHO, 2020).
The Corona virus disease has a variety of symptoms, which include; fever, fatigue,
cough, difficulties in breathing, and loss of smell (WHO, 2020). The disease manifests to
patients in different ways. For instance, many people infected with Covid-19 may experience
mild to moderate respiratory ailment, and recuperate without any special treatment. Nevertheless,
some Covid-19 cases advance to viral pneumonia and multi-organ failure. Some patients also
experience persistent cough and chest pain, difficulty breathing, confusion, blush skin, and
difficulty in walking. Furthermore, elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions, such
as, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases are highly likely to
develop serious ailment when infected with Covid-19.
The corona virus is mainly spread among people by close contact through small droplets
from coughing, sneezing, or talking (WHO, 2020). Also, the virus may survive for up to 72
hours in droplets that remains on surfaces, such as walls, doors, furniture, clothes among others.
Thus, people may also be infected by touching the contaminated areas, and then touch their eyes,
nose or mouth. Furthermore, once diagnosed with Covid-19 through laboratory tests, the patients

are put on treatment, mainly targeting the symptoms, since currently there is no vaccine or
medicine for the disease. However, it is believed that Chroloquine has helped to manage some
Covid-19 patients. Nonetheless, the best steps to stop infection include; washing hands regularly
with soap and running water, or using alcohol based sanitizers, wearing facial masks when in
public places, practice social distance and try as much as possible to stay home, and coughing
into a flexed elbow. My source is World Health Organization, because I think it provides
credible information on Covid-19, and is leading in global management of the pandemic
Global reaction to Covid-19
As expected, the Covid-19 pandem…

SOLUTION: Ashford University Principles of Biology COVID 19 Essay

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