Management assignment – individual paper and presentation

Management assignment – individual paper and presentation.

Individual Paper and Presentation. Describe the organizational climate and culture of your work place or other group you belong to (team, group project in another class, choir, religious organization, etc). Relate your description of the organization climate and culture to the ideas in Chapter 5. Make four-six (4-6) recommendations about how you would like to improve the climate and culture of the organization and use the ideas in the text to justify your analysis. 


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Abstract CVS Bay Area made a contract with Sunkus in 1996, where CVS Bay Area got obtained rights to use Sunkus’s name. Since CVS Bay Area uses Sunkus’ name, CVS Bay Area need to follow some of the Sunkus’s rule and also uses their products. However, they both operate as different company with same name. Sunkus has it own organization and their own stock holders where as CVS Bay Area also has it own organization with different stock holders. Since both companies think that they are different company, they hardly communicate with each other. Moreover, CVS Bay Area does have open policy, where anyone is allowed to say anything but there is issue on the communication climate between the store managers and the headquarters. Therefore CVS Bay Area has two issues which are externally where they do not communicate with Sunkus and internally where there is different climate. For external issue, CVS Bay Area and Sunkus should held meeting and should have communication center or make hotlines where they could receive ideas or feedbacks. For internally CVS Bay Area should need hotline as well, give out survey, make voice input system and should train their employees. Company Overview History Sunkus is one of the famous convenience store at Japan but around 1980’s, it was not still famous as it was now in modern society. Sunkus was first founded in July 1980 but opened the store on November 1980. By the year 1987, the Point of Sale system was introduced and at the same time, they built Sunkus West Saitama Corporation. Then in August 1988, East Saitama Sunkus Corporation was found. Sunkus successfully continued to build more corporations such as Sunkus Tokai in August 1989 and by 1991 Sunkus had open more than 1000 stores, and at the same year, Sunkus changed their name to Sunkus and associates. Then in 1992 they build Sunkus in West Shikoku and Aomori and Ishikawa in 1994. By the year 1996, they made contract with CVS Bay Area where CVS Bay Area was founded by Sunkus….

Management assignment – individual paper and presentation

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