Order 1363264: 2001: a space oddessey

Order 1363264: 2001: a space oddessey.

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An  exploratory essay on the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, more specifically  the first section of the movie – The dawn of man. Required to write an  exploratory paper, not expository, that delves in depth into the nitty  gritty of this section of the movie. Looking at the reasons behind  different scenes, whats going on in the background, etc.. why did the  author do this?   Here I have an email with an example of what my professor wants us to  do:    ″Disneyland is the perfect model of all the entangled orders of  simulation. To begin with, it is a play of illusions and phantasms:  Pirates, the Frontier, Future World, etc. This imaginary world is  supposed to be what makes the operation successful. But what draws the  crowds is undoubtedly much more the social microcosm, the miniaturized  and religious revelling in real America.″   So you begin to ask questions:  Q1. Why does B say religious? It must be important because he bothered  to italicize it. A1. Religion is based on FAITH / BELIEF.  As lovers of Disney, we have  faith in America.  Q2: Why is it religious REVELLING??? A2: To Revel is to “enjoy loudly”. So “religious revelling” would be  something like a “loud religious service”  So B might be saying that we  go to Disney to “sing praises” at the “alter” to the “god” “America”  Q3: Why would we be worshipping America? What is Worship in general?  A3: Well: we either ASK things of god or THANK him for the things he  gave us.  I guess B says we’re “thanking America” when we’re at Disney.  Q4: But what are we thanking America for? A2: Hmmmm . . . at the beginning of this quotation, B mentioned  “Frontier” and “Future”. Isn’t that the core of American values. For  example, manifest destiny is something we’re “grateful for” as  Americans. It “completed” our country. And didn’t we give the world the  first trips to the moon. We had a sense of FUTURISM, which was only a  continuation of manifest destiny after all. This is why Star Trek  (though not part of the Disney franchise) begins with, “Space the final  FRONTIER”.   Q5: Okay Okay. I get that we’re “thanking God” for our “frontier”  mentality, but why did B add in PIRATES? America doesn’t have a history  of being pirates. We never sailed the high seas and highjacked other  country’s ships, taking their booty.  A5: Oh: wait. But we did kind of do something like that, didn’t we. We  took the “booty” of Native Americans.  Q6: Hold on but that’s a BAD story about America and Disney is all about  GOOD things about America. A7: Here’s where we can begin to rethink the assumptions that we live  with. We easily assume that Disney is all puppy dogs and unicorns, but  maybe it’s trading on some sick twisted history that our unconscious  takes delight in reliving.  Ta-Da: An ″A paper″ is born.  If each of these question / answer moments = a paragraph, then we have 7  paragraphs, which is a 5 page paper.

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Order 1363264: 2001: a space oddessey

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