250 words 3 hrs | English homework help

250 words 3 hrs | English homework help.

Bi Sci 002: Ecology, Evolution & Genetics
Spring 2019
​Writing Assignment #1 Rubric
Grading Rubic (30 pts possible):
10pts​Submit Hard-copy of paper IN-CLASS on Mon Feb 3rd AND use paper for group discussions there
10pts​Stay on-topic with the writing assignment prompt (see below), paper organization, coherence, and argumentation
5pts​Correctly cite at least 3 scientific research articles (in-text citations and References at the end)
5pts​Correct formatting (see below)
• 1 page, Single-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman, 12pt font
• Spacing should be 0 for all “before/after/left/right” under page layout
• Nothing written in the header/footer
• First line should contain: Full Name on far left and Date on the far right
• Second line should contain paper Title centered in the middle, skip the third line and start writing the paper on the 4th line of the page.
• The remainder of the paper should be aligned left
• On the second page (at the end of the paper), please put a separate section labeled References with your articles correctly cited using the APA style.
Formatting Example:
Melissa Alegre​​​​   ​​​             January 22, 2018
Paper Title Should be Here
The paper should start here on the fourth line–indent paragraphs.
Citations (APA Style):
In-text citations: (Last name, yr of publication)
Example: This is your paper and you need to cite here (Alegre, 2001).
Use this as your resource (if you need more help): http://guides.libraries.psu.edu/apaquickguide/intext
References at end: Last Name, First/Middle Initial. (year of publication). Title of article. Title of Publication in italics, volume # in italics (issue, if given), pg #s. *Don’t worry about the DOI. Whether you add it at the end (after pg #s) or not, it won’t be counted toward your grade. *Also, make sure to indent.
Blattner, J., & Bacigalupo, A. (2007). Using emotional intelligence to develop executive leadership and team and organizational development. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 59(3), 209-219. doi:10.1037/1065-9293.59.3.209
Use this if you need more help: http://guides.libraries.psu.edu/apaquickguide/articles
Due: Monday Feb 3rd ​​Electronic copy submitted through CANVAS
​​Hard-copy due IN-CLASS on Mon Feb 3rd

Bi Sci 002: Ecology, Evolution & Genetics
Spring 2019
​Writing Assignment #1
There is a rapid expansion of knowledge within the field of biology. This challenge is especially true for the field of biology, but technology has allowed information to be more easily accessed and stored for a variety of professionals. As a result, there are many questions or topics in which the information is vast, unstructured and undefined. Almost no matter your major or professional career choice, you will encounter problems that require you to assimilate a solution, recommendation, or opinion from a vast array of information for which you do not have the desire, time, or resources necessary to “deep dive” into the topic to become an expert. This exercise (writing assignment) is meant to be practice for how to approach these situations.
Learning or mastering this type of topic (vast, unstructured, and/or undefined) requires a unique type of teaching. “Constructivist approaches [to learning] works well when we operate with constantly changing information…the unstructured, the undefined, and the unknown…for example, constructivism has been widely used in the education of doctors, architects, lawyers, and artisans…”
As a result, through this exercise, I want to “encourage learners [you] to construct their own understanding, based on their reality, and then validate their new perspectives through social negotiations. We must talk with others about what we’ve learned to find out if we’re missing something.” (Conner 2002) This means that you will search the scientific literature first to develop your own perspective, write a paper to communicate that perspective to me, AND participate in group discussions during class on the date the assignment is due.
1. Using the writing prompt below, find and read relevant research articles that addresses the topic of global warming (climate change) to help you form an educated position or opinion of global warming.
2. Write a 1 page, single-spaced paper on your educated position, using scientific, published research articles to justify your position on the validity of global warming.
3. Correctly cite your research articles using APA style (both in-text citations and full citations on the second page).
*Please use the writing assignment rubric for formatting questions and as a guide for how I will be grading the assignment.
In other words: choose one sub-topic of global warming (discussed in class), and write 1pg single-spaced to discuss the scientific evidence in favor of global warming using 3 research articles found on pub-med (discussed in class).
Writing Assignment Prompt:
You are hanging out with a group of friends. Recently in the news, there was publicity about whether the Greenhouse effect was contributing to local recording breaking temperatures. Your friend thinks Global Warming is a hoax and doesn’t believe it has any scientific validity. You now know that “the evidence is now overwhelming that the emission of carbon dioxide and other gasses is causing the mean temperature of the planet to rise” (Krohne, p73). Using scientific literature, explain your position in favor of global warming including its effects on climate change.
Due: Tuesday Jan 22nd ​​Electronic copy submitted through CANVAS
​​Hard-copy due IN-CLASS on Tues Jan 22nd

250 words 3 hrs | English homework help

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