Language acquisition paper | English homework help

Language acquisition paper | English homework help.

Our minds work in mysterious ways–or so the saying goes. We have a certain capacity to acquire language. In this assignment, you will explore that capacity by researching language acquisition, bilingualism, and our ability to create language.
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze our capacity to acquire language. Include the following:
The stages of first language acquisition
A comparison of second language acquisition and true (or simultaneous) bilingualism, noting which process is closer to first langauge acquisition and how the other process differs from first language acquisition; address stages of SLA and the role of interlanguage grammar
Our capacity to create language (language genesis and the role of pidgins and creoles)
Format the entire essay, including title page, citations, and references, according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.  Use the textbook as a source. While there is no minimum number of other sources involved, you may use additional sources besides the text to support your analysis.

Language acquisition paper | English homework help

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