Assignment 3 | Philosophy homework help

Assignment 3 | Philosophy homework help.


Write responses to each of the following questions based on the readings/lectures from this module and also from the previous module. Be sure to answer all questions thoroughly (see the Assignment Guidelines).

These assignments are graded anonymously, so please do not include your name or any other identifying information in your submission. 

1) Explain two arguments for Libertarianism about free will, and objections to those arguments. Do you think the Libertarian can offer good responses to those objections? 

2) Summarize Strawson’s “basic argument”. Do you think this argument is convincing? Why or why not? 

3) Explain Stace’s “compatibilism”, and the major objection to his view. What do you think of the response to this objection? Explain ad discuss. 

4) What kind of thing does Descartes think that he is? How does he arrive at this conclusion? Do you think that his argument is successful – why or why not? 

5) Ryle argues that Descartes commits a kind of mistake in arguing for substance dualism. What is this mistake? Explain and give an example (bonus if you can come up with your own example). In what way does Ryle argue that Descartes has committed this kind of mistake? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why.

Assignment 3 | Philosophy homework help

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