primary source analysis workshop | English homework help

primary source analysis workshop | English homework help.

1) Topic: Something important about th country 
The  purpose of this assignment is to work on how to analyze a primary  source. Your goal is to analyze your source excerpt as deeply and as  thoroughly as possible. Do not simply provide a general summary or  overview of your source. Think concretely and critically about its  content, its historical context, the cultural values that shape it, and  its relevance to research you would like to conduct. What are the  author’s tone, style, and argument? What are its strengths and  weaknesses? Read between the lines to discover its biases and  assumptions. 

In structuring your Primary Source Analysis Essay, you may address  the following questions. Do not simply list answers to the questions  below. Rather, you must write your paper in a short-essay form. It  should have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each  student’s Primary Source Critical Analysis will be read out loud by your  instructors and workshopped in-class. We will address conduct and  courtesy for this process, accordingly.

Basic Identification
1. What type of source is it? (newspaper article, map, letter, film, etc.)
2. When was it created?
3. Where was it created?
4. Who created it?

Author’s Intent
1. What is the author’s place in society? (profession, status, class, gender, ethnicity, etc.)
2. How might the factors listed in the question above shape the author’s perspective in this source?
3. Why do you think the author created this source?
4. Does the author have an argument? If so, what is it?
5. Who is the intended audience for this source?
6. How might the intended audience shape the perspective of this source?

Historical Context
1. Under what specific historical circumstances was this source created?
2. What larger historical events, processes, or structures might have influenced this text?
3. Is this source consistent with what you know about the historical record from that time?

Content of the Source
1. What historical facts have you learned from this source?
2. What biases or other cultural factors might have shaped the message of this source?
3. How do the ideas and values in the source differ from the ideas and values of our time?
4. What historical perspectives are left out of this source?
5. What questions are left unanswered by this source?

Relevance of the Source
1. What research question are you using this source to answer?
2. How might this source confirm or contradict issues raised in other primary sources?
3. How might this source confirm or contradict issues raised in secondary sources?
4. Does this source represent any patterns with other primary sources?
1,250-word requirement. MLA format (including works cited).

For  the final paper, consider a contemporary problem and argue (1) that the  problem exists, (2) how to solve the problem, (3) that the solution is  feasible, and (4) that particular benefits accrue to relevant  stakeholders—paying particular attention to rhetorical scope, audience,  and logical organization.

You must cite and reference 3 library-based, peer-reviewed research sources for this project. Use Academic Onesearch, JSTOR, or another database through our library search function.  Do  not stop searching once you have found three research sources; find the  most appropriate sources for the assignment. You may use additional  high-quality sources once that minimum is met.

As with all papers in this course, we will be using proper MLA style,  which we will cover in detail in class. Please refer to Owl Purdue for  proper guidelines if extra reference is needed. to an external site.
2,000-word minimum requirement
 Proposal      Proposal     Criteria Ratings        Pts              This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Content: Strength of analysis,  examples, and evidence = 50%             175.0 pts         This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Clarity Clarity, organization, and conciseness of writing = 35%             125.0 pts         This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Mechanics Grammar and Mechanics (including MLA format): 15%             50.0 pts       Total Points:                            350.0                             

Looking  back at our writing and critiquing assignments, students will analyze  their writing progress in the course. Specifically, students will  identify strengths and areas of their writing that  needed improvement/how you improved, citing at least three examples from  previous papers. You may want to start your introduction by addressing  expectations of the course and writing history. 
Note: You are allowed/required to write in first person (“I”). Try to keep it to a minimal, though. 
As with all papers in this course, we will be using proper MLA style.  Please refer to Owl Purdue for proper guidelines if extra reference is  needed.  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
No sources are required for this assignment. 
500 word minimum (roughly 2 pages double-spaced)

primary source analysis workshop | English homework help

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