Finance forum post (800 words total)

Finance forum post (800 words total).

I need a 200-word reply to each of the following four forums (800 words total). These are from an Ashford finance class. Please note, I got messed over for plagiarism a couple weeks back due to someone copy and pasting the stuff from an internet site. So I do check for plagiarism before I buy.


Forum Post #1


Read the scenario below, and then answer questions 1 and 2. Refer to this week’s readings in the text, if needed.

Scenario: Bank A has an increase in deposits (or excess reserves) of $100M and the reserve requirement is 10% with other banks not holding reserves beyond the requirement.


  • How much money can Bank A create by making loans?
  • How much money can the banking system as a whole create? (Show calculation).



Forum Post #2


After reading the Week Five required readings, address these questions in your post

  • What are the current monetary policy goals? 
  • How has the Fed attempted to meet some of these goals? What have been the outcomes?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the Fed taking action to intervene when the economy is not well-functioning? Why or why not?



Forum Post #3


Identify and discuss one type of international banking office and a service it provides.




Forum Post #4


Discuss the process of bringing a new international bond issue to market. What should a borrower consider before issuing dual-currency bonds? What should an investor consider before investing in dual-currency bonds?

Finance forum post (800 words total)

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